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Haiku Monday ~ And The Winner Is . . . December 18, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Poetry, Word Play.
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Haiku Monday received 18 FABULOUS Haiku in response to the prompt:

(A Twist of) Fate


* Becca shared two haiku about the balance between light and darkness, winning and losing, gain and loss:

night birds a calling
wrapped tight in wings of darkness
light wins out again

heart heavy, regret
memories of laughter, food
scale screams loud, you lose

* Calmgrove provided a perfect snapshot of the circle of life on Planet Earth, an ever-renewing biosphere . . . except when we interfere:

leaves torn from trees, lost,
tossed, strewn across grass; nature’s
litter, next year’s tilth

* Colonialist reminded us how fickle that fickle finger of fate can be:

Unfaithful digit
Derisively extended;
Gets stuffed – turkey-time!

And gave us a twist of fate that can land us flat on our face:

Martini season …
Twist of fate and lemon mate –
Create the reason!

* Czar shared one about my favorite kind of fate ~ synchronicity:

Twisted? Planned but not
To understand. Ravelled, wrought

* Doom shared two true haiku ~ I enjoyed the irony of the first and the shift of perspective in the second (which he paired with a stellar “bird’s eye view” visual on his blog):

he ran, lifted, svelte
he ate right, he lived well, tops
exercise killed him

beautiful berries
destroyed by those awful birds ~
seed in new places

* Foam allowed her haiku to flow ~ with a nod to predetermination and a high-five to free will:

Fate .. Predetermined?
Perhaps… Yet, in our choices
We cobble our road..

* Freeda Baker Nichols shared a fated farewell ~ icicles dangling, hanging in circumstances outside their sphere of influence and control:

when the sun rises
icicles leave drip by drip–
the longest farewell

* Karl spoke of the winds of change:

Blowing winter wind
Force ones direction to change
Other path unknown

* Rafael addressed a paradigm shift of fate, spurred by a serpent’s tongue:

Apple in Eve’s eye
Tempts His Beast, “Come burden me”
Human race is ON

And later returned with a couple more for the pile.  One with Foamy in mind:

Choice is yours, alone
Chase your tail or follow fate
Both lead by the nose

The other…? Well, you’ll see:

Those crazy Russians
Playing roulette; click, click…BLAM!
Ev’ryone craps out

Talk about a Crap Shoot.

Serendipity shared a true haiku with a twist ~ for huntress and prey:

Pursued by huntress.
Caught! Dead fawn pulled free; she lives…
Hunter’s paradox.

In a second haiku, Serendipity addressed the ultimate twist of fate from which all else flows ~> our genes:

Green eyed, red haired kid.
Artist, hunter, fix-it. Why?
Double helix twist.

Shree shared an optimistic Tiggerific view of the magic of the unknown:

Sudden twists of fate
Life in beautiful motion
Embrace its magic

Fate is not to fear
Leads us to our destiny
See its magic shine

The winner and host for the coming week is . . .


Kudos to you on your FAB ‘kus!

(And, no, I was not swayed in favor of Serendipity due to the synchronicity between her cyber name and the week’s theme ~ that was just a lovely little Twist of Fate.)

Thanks to ALL who played along this week!

Aah . . . that’s better!