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Enough December 17, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Gratitude, Poetry.
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A few years back, PTC asked guest bloggers to take the reins while she went off to enjoy a relaxing stay in “a posh spa” . . . a/k/a the hospital.  As PTC is fond of wishing us “Enough,” I used that word as a catalyst for my Guest Post on Reflections from A Cloudy Mirror.

* * * * *


Sometimes when challenges seem too too tough
We cry out, “It’s too hard. Life is too rough.”
Tossed around like a lightweight powder puff
We collapse in a heap and scream “ENOUGH!”
Feeling like we can’t take any more guff
We grow angry and slam doors in a huff
Crossing our arms and sitting on our duff
We stare at the sky and shout out “ENOUGH!”
Then we hear a slight whisper from within
Urging us to stand up and try again
“Wipe away your tears and stop your crying
You cannot fail unless you stop trying”
The voice within knows that life can be tough
It nudges us when the going gets rough
Calming our fears, listening to our guff
It’s never far when we cry out “ENOUGH!”

Each day we decide which way to focus
We can choose gratitude as our locus
Instead of crying out, “Life is so tough!”
We stay in the moment, “Aah . . . that’s enough”

* * * * *

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