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7 More Unpolished Stones December 2, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Blogging, Humor, Poetry.
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Tigger-BouncingLast time I created one of these impromptu posts of unpolished thoughts, people didn’t send up a roar of protest ~ at best, it was a whimper.

So, I’m going to do it again.

This time linking to specific posts which spawned my eclectic thinking:

1.  Rainee did a post, It’s so easy to Avoid Doing Stuff, and ended by asking if we ever have days that don’t go according to plan.  After a quick glance through various and sundry mental filing cabinets, I said:

Nope. Uh-uh. Never. All my days go exactly as planned. :razz:

As long as I PLAN to “go with the flow” and/or PROCRASTINATE.

2.  Kate Crimmons wrote a fun and funny post, Is Anyone Really A Standard Size?  While she focused on jeans, I considered my entire wardrobe:

I have every size clothing in my closet . . . and they all fit!  I might be wearing XS, S, M, L, XL ~ it all depends on the manufacturer.

The only thing sure NOT to fit is the article marked “One Size Fits All.”

3.  In Mother to Daughter ~ A Questionable Legacy, scientist and author, Joanne Valentine Simson, discussed the insidious messages girls receive from mothers and others.  My experience was somewhat different:

I never remember being encouraged to downplay my intelligence in order not to compete with boys, nor do I remember being encouraged to pay undue attention to how I looked.

As a result I never got addicted to shopping for shoes or handbags. ;)

I always knew I could be anything that I wanted to be. I never felt that my worth depended on who I married. When I married, I kept my maiden name and corrected people if they addressed cards to “Mrs. BFF” instead of using my name.

That said, my mother encouraged me to be a nurse because that was such a flexible profession for women. My father overheard her and said,”Why should she be a nurse? Why not a doctor?”

I fooled them both and went to Law School. :mrgreen:


4.  Kate Shrewsday did a fab post, The Priceless Art Bonfire, about the systematic destruction of religious artifacts during regime changes.  My response:

Maybe it’s a good thing that some of these relics are no more.

One could wander museums from dawn to dusk for a lifetime and never see all the treasured antiquities “preserved for posterity.”

Perhaps we aren’t making headway in the HERE and NOW because we’ve spent too long staring over our shoulders at our posteriors?


5.  Everyone’s got a story to tell . . . but not everyone is a storyteller:

Have you ever been “trapped” in a conversation that is going nowhere fast?  Key facts are omitted, we circle back trying to scoop them up.

The story veers off in an unexpected direction and we wait, in vain, for it to return to the central thread.

In conversations like these, the temptation to interrupt is . . . intense.


6.  BB’s publishing her first book of poetry.  She solicited blurbs for the cover. Here’s mine:

After a round of golf (amid the kangas and the roos)
BB studies her school notes, then pens a poem or two
Her poetic blog is inspired, unequaled, without compare
And that’s because BB is full of . . . AU CONTRAIRE!

To see more of BB’s Bio Blurbs:  Blurb Blurble Bloop ~ One Sentence Biography Competition.

7.  In Choosing To Let Go, SuziCate addressed the benefits of “letting go” of the negatives (e.g., Anger, Doubt, Fear, Pain, Resentment, Jealousy).  So true:

When we accept ourselves as we are . . . we accept others as they are.

We no longer feel the need to control “them” (e.g., by insisting on an apology).  Instead, we choose to control our reactions to them.

Once we let our anger and resentment go (as well as our need for external approval) . . . “they” lose their power over us.

We are FREE at last.  And FREE is the best place to BE!


Aah . . . that’s better!

Care to toss an “unpolished stone” into the comment pool?