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The Wizard of Odd November 9, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke.

Frog-CircusSo, there’s this yellow toad wandering around the forest kinda pissed off because he doesn’t want to be yellow.

Life would be easier if he were brown like the other toads.  He’d be less visible to predators for one thing.

Anyway . . . this yellow toad bumps into a fairy godmother.

“Fairy godmother, please make me brown like the other toads,” he begs her. “I’m hacked off being so visible to predators. The stress is like, killing me, you know?”

The fairy godmother whips out her magic wand, “Abracapokus! You’re brown!”

The toad looks down and sees that he is brown, except for his teenie weenie which is still bright yellow.

“Hey! My pecker’s still yellow!”

Fantasia2“Yeah, I don’t do weenies.  You’ll have to see the Wizard of Odd for that.”

So the toad hops off to see the wizard.

Meanwhile, a purple bear wandering the very same woods encounters the very same fairy godmother.

Yes, okay, I agree.  It strains credulity.  But it’s true.

“Fairy Godmother! You’re just the person I need!  All the female bears are ignoring me.  They don’t want to be seen with a purple bear on account of the hunters that spot me from a mile away.”

The fairy godmother takes out her magic wand, “Pokuscadabra! You’re brown!”

The bear looks down and sees that he is, in fact, brown.  Except for his goolies, which remain purple.

“Hold up sweetheart!  My goolies are still purple!”

Tree-Frog-Perched“Yeah, well I don’t do those goolie things.  You’ll have to see the Wizard of Odd for that.”

“Great.  How the hell do I find the Wizard of Odd?”

“Easy,” says the fairy godmother.  “Just follow the yellow-prick toad.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

Source: e-mail from an unknown author (sent by Joe M.)

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