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Life After Death November 1, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Humor, Life Balance, Nature.

Wikipedia ~ Megalania

When we die, do the cells in our body die all at once?

Or do the electrons continue to carry current?

I expect that juice keeps flowing and cells keep firing even after the plug is pulled.

For one thing, that would explain the inherent wisdom behind the familiar admonition:

“Stop running around like a chicken without a head!”

Penny:  Hey!  Where you be heading?

Henny:  I be heading away from the beheading!  And if you be smart you be heading the same way I be heading.  That farmer be packing quite a knife.  I’ve never seen such a sight in my life.

Penny:  Um . . . you might be heading away from the beheading but you already be beheaded.

Henny:  Damn!  I thought I felt a draft.

Penny:  You must feel a bit daft too.

Henny:  Who you calling daft?  Why don’t you take a long leap into a sharp carving knife?!

Penny:  Relax.  I just meant that it’s hard to keep your wits about you once you’ve lost your head.

Henny:  Haha!  Very punny, Penny!

The continued flow of electrons would also explain how a lizard’s tail grooves to the tunes . . . long after the tail’s owner has fled the scene.

And might also explain ghostly apparitions who roam the earth long after their bodies have given up the ghost.


Aah . . . that’s better!

Here’s to all who plan to celebrate Dia de los Meurtos manana.  Dead or alive.