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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

IMGP4171When we moved here, we attended a meeting of the Master Association (for 700 units) mid-summer.

Other than the board members (who had to be there), only 3 other residents attended ~ a turn out that can only be described as “dismal.”

The board suggested several committees we could join.

We agreed to assist the Social Committee in planning the Monster’s Ball and said we would consider joining other committees at an undisclosed “later date.”  We also agreed to assist our individual association with a Halloween Potluck for the 100 villas on our street.

We surmised that helping the Social Committees (on our street and in the neighborhood as a whole) would give us a chance to meet and greet our new neighbors faster than if we joined the Landscaping, Building, Pool, Lighting, Flag, or Security Committees.

Donald-Duck-MadAnd helping with both events meant that we could kill two birds with one stone.

No, no.  Not you Donald. Nor Daisy.

It’s just an expression.

I would NEVER . . . 

Remember those garbled messages delivered when playing telephone?  Yup, you guessed it ~ our offer to “assist with party set-up” transmuted to “co-hosts” for the event.  When we received the October newsletter for our street, we saw we had been promoted, without consultation, to “hosts” for the evening.

At least it was a potluck supper . . . and not a sit down dinner for the Queen.


Fast forward a few weeks . . .

The Social Committee for the Master Association turned out to be a committee of one ~ a chair who self-identified as chief cook and bottle washer.   BFF and I met with her and one other volunteer the day before Halloween to decorate for the Monsters Ball.  We planned to use the same decorations for our street’s Halloween Potluck later that evening.

Smart, eh?  I often have great ideas when I put on my Thinking Cap.


In no time, we realized why the chair did not have a pool of volunteers helping her.  What a control freak!

* No, don’t put the candy corn on the tables . . . they are for the game! 

* No, no, no, we always hang the skeletons on the back wall. 

* No, the tombstones go on the front wall; the pumpkins go on the tables.

By the time the decorations were up, BFF and I had decided, thrice over, that we did not want to join the master association’s Social Committee.


That decision was reinforced the next night ~ when only twenty people showed up for the Monster’s Ball.

Not including these four goofy ghouls:


Upset by the dismal turnout, the chair proceeded to have a melt-down.  In the middle of the party!  A childish display destined to deter all but the hardiest party-goers from attending future events.



After the party, I walked over to give her a shoulder to cry on.  She shrugged off my empathy:

It’s fine.  I’m just going to throw these decorations away since people don’t appreciate my efforts!

Huh?  Words swirled, unsaid:  They aren’t your decorations to throw away!  They belong to the master association.  


Excusing ourselves from the intended carnage, BFF and I maneuvered Martha (an elderly neighbor) out of the room and affirmed our decision to steer clear of the Chair of the Anti-Social Social Committee.

In contrast to Madame Meltdown’s Monster Ball, the Halloween Potluck for our street the night before had been far more fun!


Better attended . . .  AND attended by better-behaved pumpkins!


Aah . . . that’s better!

Have a SPOOK-tacular time tonight, filled with ghoulish fun and delight.  Watch out for things that go BUMP in the night, causing scaredy-cats to jump in fright.