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Kirkin’ of the Tartans Service October 27, 2013

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We’re going to Roser Community Church on the island today . . . for a “Kirkin’ of the Tartans Service.”  Kirking, from the Scottish Gaelic word Kirk, means “church.”  In this usage, it means “blessing.”

A bagpiper and drummer will play outside before the service and we’ll enjoy a procession of clan flags as we enter the Kirk.

The service will include ancient creeds and prayers founded in Scotland and will conclude with the hymn Amazing Grace . . . with bagpipe and drum accompaniment.


Since it’s apt to be a tad warm for tartan, I’ll wear my “Touch Not The Cat Bot A Glove” broach ~ that’s the Crest Motto for Clan Mackintosh (my clan on mom’s side).  It’s also the Crest and Motto for Clan Macpherson.

To cap the festivities, everyone in the congregation will receive Scottish Shortbread as they leave the sanctuary.

Cookies have long been associated with Roser Community Church since Charles Roser funded the memorial chapel in 1913 with money made from his success in the confectionery business.  He is credited by many as the inventor of Fig Newtons.  He sold his recipe to the National Biscuit Company (NABISCO) along with his process for extruding cookie dough with jam filling.

The “Kirkin’ of the Tartans Service” is the first in a series of services reflecting the broad range of denominations represented by the congregation of Roser, a 100-year-old church, the oldest “kirk” on the island.


On Sunday, November 24th, the service will incorporate elements of the Moravian “Love Feast.”

We enjoyed Moravian services when we lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and spent hours wandering around Old Salem and Bethabara, both Moravian settlements.

Maybe they’ll pass out Moravian cookies!

Hope your day is filled with Amazing Grace . . . and “a wee bit of Scottish.”


Aah . . . that’s better!