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My Rogues Gallery October 12, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor, Mindfulness.
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One of my favorite artists on the Island, a recovering attorney who, like me, finds more joy in painting than in arguing to juries, before judges, and with opposing counsel, invited me to join her Monday morning painting group.


Without a few skeletons loitering about . . . the past is just a cluttered closet.

Each week, the group meets at nine a.m. to have breakfast and paint together at Cafe on the Beach ~ inside, at tables, out of the wind.


Hit me with your best shot.

Certainly a step in the right direction, since (as we have already established) I am not coordinated enough to paint out-of-doors, en plein air, without upsetting my brushes, water, and palette in the process.


Portrait of the Artist . . . NOT!

After receiving the invite, I marked the time and place on my calendar only to forget about the gathering for several weeks running until, oh, say, 10:30.


If only we could see her roots . . .

After a brief think, I concluded that painting at the beach on Monday mornings, en masse, is not a priority for me and crossed the event off my weekly agenda.


The Thinker

Aah . . . that’s better!