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Flesh Eating Bacteria September 29, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Gratitude, Health & Wellness, Nature, Travel & Leisure.
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Starfish-in-the-waterThis weekend, I overheard an amputee explaining how he ended up with one less limb.

His story’s a bit grim.

He went to the beach for vacation in 2001 and woke up one morning with a sore leg.

By nightfall, he was in a coma.  When he “woke up,” his right leg had been amputated to evict a “flesh-eating bacteria.”

I am NOT including photos of necrotizing fascitis because they are way too nasty for all but the most stalwart . . . if you’ve got a strong stomach, you can see them HERE.

I’ve heard about this sort of thing happening on occasion . . . but usually due to going into the water with an open wound or eating raw seafood.

In this guy’s case, the doctors never found the point of entry.

There’s a warning for parts of Florida right now which recommends against eating raw shellfish or going into the water if you have an open wound.

As if sharks, jellyfish, and sting-rays weren’t enough to worry about while floating about in the waves.  It’s enough to keep a body on the beach.


If you’re wondering what to be grateful for tonight, not losing life and limb to flesh eating bacteria might be just the thing.

Aah . . . that’s better!

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More From Oscar Scherer September 29, 2013

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Yesterday, in addition to trying paddle boarding for the first time, we went on a Tram Ride around Oscar Scherer State Park.


We met some sociable Scrub Jays (and some sociable kayakers and bikers).


We learned the name of these beautiful berries ~> Beauty Berries.


We hiked a bit of the Legacy Trail, transformed into a bike trail by removing most of the old rail road tracks . . . but not all of them.


We walked around Osprey Lake before heading to the beach to climb aboard a YOLO board.


And we enjoyed a picnic lunch while listening to some fine fiddling music.  All in all a great place to spend National Public Lands Day.


Aah . . . that’s better!