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Plein Air Painters August 21, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor, Mindfulness.
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A few months after moving to Florida, I met several members of Plein Air Painters ~ artists who gather at various outdoor venues to paint, draw, sketch, or photograph the environs.

Artists in Plein Aire
brave the breeze at Bean Point to
create works of art

Excited to join them, I schlepped my painting supplies to the Anna Maria Island Pier one windy Wednesday morning.


Arriving early, I set up a small table to hold my brushes, water, and palette.  I began painting the pier, palms, and turquoise water, while sitting on the park bench, painting pad on my lap.

After finishing a wash of the sky and water below, I dropped my wet paint brush into the sand.  Bending over to retrieve the dirty brush, I knocked into the table, upsetting the water, brushes and palette.


Setting aside the still wet painting, I stood up to clean up the mess . . .

And watched in horrified fascination as the painting blew off the bench to land upside down and downside up on the sand.

Stoic, with pioneer spirit, I finished the painting and took it home.


The kicker . . . I never saw any other members of the group that morning since they had set up their easels farther down the bay front beach.

I know they were there because I saw their smiling visages in the next edition of the island newspaper inviting intrepid island artists to join their next outing.


Now when I head to the beach, I leave my watercolor supplies at home and arrive with only camera in hand.

Aah . . . that’s better!