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Not Yet . . . August 20, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Mindfulness, People.

We would not want to retard the development of our loved ones by keeping them small forever.

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We enjoy watching them learn and grow and strive and achieve.


But we know that these precious moments, so fleeting, will only come by once.


So we want to hold on to them as tight as we can for as long as we can, while whispering into the wind, “Not yet. I’m not ready to let go.”


Aah . . . that’s better!


1. katecrimmins - August 20, 2013

Sometimes I would like to visit those days when we (or they) were young but just for a day.

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

Yes! I would love to “press replay” and re-visit a few days from the past . . . but just for the day.

2. William D'Andrea - August 20, 2013

In October I will be attending the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Harborfields High School Class of ’63; where I expect to see how much we all have changed. Unfortunately, I realize that all of those very nice looking teenage girls who I attended High School with, are now a bunch of grannies, who will arrive armed with photographs.

On the other hand, the other night I got out my old yearbook. I looked at the photos and thought,

“What a bunch of nerds! I can’t believe that I was actually intimidated!”

I do not wish to return to all that. When I attend the Reunion, I’m sure’ll we’ll all be so glad about how much better we’ve all become.

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

I hope you enjoy your reunion, William. I’ve never been to a high school reunion, but I suspect that most of the cliquishness will have dissolved in the intervening years.

William D'Andrea - August 22, 2013

In 2002 I attended a Reunion, in which I was no longer the biggest loser in the class, who everyone treated with scorn and ridicule. This time I was actually the Coolest Dude at the Event! I actually got to dance with the girl who I had a secret crush on, at the end of my senior year. Finally! After 39 years! Then I could get on with my life!

3. Grannymar - August 20, 2013

I visit those special moments in my mind since my baby is thirty five now! I wonder when I blinked?

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

My nieces and nephews are starting to graduate college and I wonder how they got to this point so fast.

Grannymar - August 20, 2013

My eldest grandniece begins her university studies next month! I feel ancient!

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

When I think of how old they are . . . it reminds me that I too have aged. NO FAIR! 😛

4. Andra Watkins - August 20, 2013

I always enjoy seeing who kids become.

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

I’d like to bounce back and forth a bit . . . see them as they are NOW then see them as they were THEN.

5. Don - August 20, 2013

My moments with my two children are deeply cherished. If I knew then what I know now I would have lived those moments with a far deeper intensity. But then, we live up to the light that was within at the time.

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

I always treated their younger years as precious moments . . . but time still flew by so fast. I’d like to press the REPLAY button and have a chance to play with them “back then” once more. 😀

6. Jodi - August 20, 2013

With school starting we’ve been doing a lot of end of summer togetherness activities and getting mentally ready to be in a classroom again. These last two days, though hard for me because they require much more work, have been eye opening. Turns out my kids can have boat loads of fun without TV or ipods, who knew?

nrhatch - August 20, 2013

Yay! When my nieces and nephews were young, FUN almost never involved turning on the TV ~ we played games, did crafts, played outside, read books, etc. Lots of great memories.

Hope you and the kids both enjoy the return to school.

7. Eric Tonningsen - August 21, 2013

I’m trying to figure out which of you is having more fun in the photo together. 🙂 As for whispering into the wind, if you’ve figured out how to win that one, do tell!

nrhatch - August 21, 2013

We had a great time together that day! There’s nothing like a “kid fix” for turning back the hands of time.

8. jannatwrites - August 21, 2013

A pause button would be nice. Your post kind of goes along with what I’m feeling right now (and a post that is scheduled to publish tomorrow.) My older son just turned 11 and I always get sappy around their birthdays. It’s a push and pull of emotions, as I’m happy they are becoming little men, but I’m a bit sad for the same reasons 🙂

nrhatch - August 21, 2013

That’s exactly it . . . we don’t want to hold them back, but we don’t want to see them grow up “too fast.”

9. sufilight - August 21, 2013

When my late nephew was a little boy he loved to hang out with me as I would spoil him. Whenever I rang the doorbell to my sister’s home he would run to answer it and greet me. When he turned 12 everything changed, I was no longer the center of his attention, his friends were. No more running to greet me, or hanging out unless it was a family get together. I sure missed my little buddy! 🙂

nrhatch - August 21, 2013

Yes! When our nieces and nephews were young, they stationed themselves at the front door ready to launch into our arms the moment we arrived. “Yay! You’re here!” :mrgreen:

Now (if we’re lucky) they look up from their tablets and smart phones with a quick, “hey.” 😉

10. shreejacob - August 21, 2013

That’s a sweet handsome little boy!
I don’t have children so I can’t really relate that way, but I do understand what it is about. Often times we don’t want to let go of people, things and situations…even when it is not doing us or the other a favour by hanging on!

nrhatch - August 21, 2013

We don’t have children, either. But we have 10 nieces and nephews . . . all of whom seem to have grown up “overnight.”

From “Birth to College” in a single bound.

11. Patricia - August 21, 2013

I have a great-great grand niece and nephew. Now that makes me think I am old!

nrhatch - August 22, 2013

Wow! That’s some title! I am not a great aunt yet . . . but I am great as an aunt. 😉

12. Pix Under the Oaks - August 22, 2013

I would like to hit replay now and then too!

nrhatch - August 22, 2013

Until someone invents A Time Machine, we shall have to rely on our memories to replay those halcyon days. 😀

13. Three Well Beings - August 22, 2013

So true! A very wise woman told me years and years ago to never “wish” our children wouldn’t grow up. I can remember the tone with which she told me that, while I was still in my 20’s. I got it!! And I am very careful with that phrase now, but I absolutely make every effort to be fully present for every moment I can share with my little gals. I love the way you always encourage me to make the most of each day, and not to run ahead or lag behind. 🙂

nrhatch - August 22, 2013

Thanks, Debra. It is a fine line we walk and wander from “then” to “now.” It pays to make the most of THIS moment especially when our favorite lads and lassies are about.

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