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Now That’s Punny! August 6, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Joke.
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PaintMujibob applies for a job at a telemarketing firm in India which requires that all applicants speak English.

The interviewer says, “Well, Mujibob, you’ve got the job if you can pass this English test.”

Mujibob smiles, “OK . . . I give it a go.”

“Please use these three words in a sentence:  Green, Pink, and Yellow.”

Mujibob thinks for a minute, then says,  “OK . . . OK . . . how’s this?  Each time the phone goes green green, Mujibob pinks it up and says:  ‘Yellow . . . this is Mujibob.’ ”

Source: joke from unknown author (relayed by Joe M.)

Aah . . . that’s punny!

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