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Fresh Off The Vine July 27, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Vegetarian Recipes.

Tomatoes scream . . . IT’S SUMMER!

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato. ~ Lewis Grizzard


If you have a bumper crop of vine-ripened beauties sitting on your counter, here are a few serving suggestions:

* Check out Andra’s simple and elegant Caprese Salad.  Tomatoes also brighten up Cobb, Caesar, and Chef Salads.

* Serve Shrimp Cocktail in a martini glass on a bed of shredded lettuce and chopped tomato seasoned with a lemon vinaigrette.

 A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins. ~ Laurie Colwin

* Make a Tomato Pie or a super simple Bruschetta.  Or liven up a Welsh Rarebit with sliced or diced tomatoes.

* Slide tomatoes into sandwiches and wraps.  Or whip up a batch of Tomato Cheese Spread for crackers or bagel crisps.

* Dice tomatoes into pasta salad, couscous, or rice salad.  Or toss hot buttered noodles with roasted garlic, tomatoes, and crumbled feta.

* Stuff tomatoes with rice and cheese.  Or risotto.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in fruit salad.

* Make homemade salsa or pico de gallo to serve with tortilla chips, quesadillas, burritos, or tacos.

* Whip up a batch of tomato soup or Bloody Mary mix.

* Combine diced tomatoes with fresh corn kernels, black beans, and scallions to make a colorful Fiesta Salad.  Toss with oil, vinegar, lime juice, and Tabasco.

* Make a Tomato Sandwich or a PBLT ~ Peanut Butter, Lettuce, and Tomato.

A medium tomato has 35 calories. lots of vitamins, and virtually no fat or sodium.


* Lecsó, a spicy Hungarian dish, puts summer-ripe tomatoes and hot peppers to good use.  Serve over rice or noodles.

* Add a chopped tomato to a Spinach Rice Casserole.

* Tuck a slice of tomato into a Grilled Cheese sandwich or Panini.

Aah . . . that’s better!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy tomatoes at the peak of the season?


1. Pix Under the Oaks - July 27, 2013

Bruschetta! Good Morning Nancy! We love bruschetta. Enjoy your Saturday.. 🙂

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

Good choice! This is the perfect time of year to enjoy a big plate!

2. kateshrewsday - July 27, 2013

Yum! I love the Greek stuffed tomatoes with feta cheese and mint. Just scrumptious.

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

That sounds perfect . . . the combination of tomatoes and feta is a match made just this side of heaven.

3. SuziCate - July 27, 2013

Peanut butter, lettuce, and tomato? Not so sure I want to try that one…then again the hubby talked me into a bite of his garlic bread spread with peanut butter!

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

The peanut butter is a salty counterpoint to the tomato . . . but it’s not everyone’s BLT. :mrgreen:

4. Andra Watkins - July 27, 2013

Thanks for the shout out, Nancy.

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

When I started this post, the salads seemed a conspiracy of “C’s” ~ Caesar, Cobb, Chef, and Caprese.

Here’s to simply delicious salads! 😀

5. Tammy - July 27, 2013

I love them raw, in salsa, on pizza, in salads. I can’t think of a way that I don’t like them.

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

You sound like me . . . stewed is the only preparation that doesn’t trip my trigger.

6. barb19 - July 27, 2013

The humble tomato is so versatile and we don’t use it to it’s full potential, so thanks for these great ideas Nancy. I am rather partial to bruschetta!

nrhatch - July 27, 2013

Bruschetta offers up an explosion of flavor! Yum.

7. Jodi - July 27, 2013

OOOooo, yummy! Mine are just starting to ripen and I’m so excited to have fresh tomatoes again. Bruschetta, here I come!

nrhatch - July 28, 2013

Bruschetta seems to be the hands-down winner in the Tomato Eating Contest. Enjoy!

8. Three Well Beings - July 27, 2013

I just love summer tomatoes. I won’t even eat them the rest of the year. I do add them to almost everything, but when I don’t have it in me to do more, I slice them and drizzle a little truffle oil on them, and it’s just heavenly! 🙂

nrhatch - July 28, 2013

Yes! I love most veggies, but some must be cooked for me to enjoy them and others must be raw . . . but the tomato can be enjoyed any which way you can slice it! :mrgreen:

9. sufilight - July 28, 2013

Now I am hungry! I haven’t made bruschetta in a long time. Will make one soon. 🙂

nrhatch - July 28, 2013

Another vote for bruschetta . . . it’s a crowd pleaser! Enjoy.

10. jannatwrites - July 29, 2013

Great tomato ideas. It’s only been the last few years where I enjoyed eating tomatoes. You see, when I was in junior high, my parents planted a garden. They underestimated the production of a few tomato plants. We had tomatoes with EVERYTHING. I was so happy when that summer was over and we had no more tomatoes 🙂

nrhatch - July 29, 2013

I would love to have a bumper crop of tomatoes, but haven’t had much success with tomatoes here in FL. I don’t think I enjoyed them as much in high school, except in catsup and tomato sauce for spaghetti.

11. bluebee - August 4, 2013

Love the smell of vine-ripened tomatoes – a staple in our house for haloumi salad (yum), caprese salad, tomato and onion salad, and tomato, onion and chilli sauce for steamed mussels

nrhatch - August 4, 2013

I had to google “haloumi” as I’d never heard it before ~ sounds great! Especially the idea of grilling it.

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