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It’s National Ice Cream Day! July 21, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor.

It’s National Ice Cream Day . . . and we got the party started a day early!

Wikipedia ~ Ice Cream Sandwich (in Public Domain)

At Snooty’s Birthday Bash, Blue Bell Ice Cream gave away FREE ice cream to attendees ~ ice cream sandwiches, fudgicles, creamsicles, and krunch pops.

We indulged.



Later in the day, we stopped by Fresh Market to shop for a birthday gift for our neighbor who is turning 90!

I’ve never been to a 90th birthday party before.  If I get any tips on longevity and living large, I’ll pass them along.

Anyway, while at the Fresh Market, we noticed the Taste of Summer samples being given away ~ gourmet burgers, broccoli-raisin slaw, crab dip on crispy crostini, cookies, and . . . chocolate hazelnut gelato!

Make mine a double!

Aah . . . that’s better!

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?  Recent research suggests that our flavor preferences may be tied in with our personalities:

* Chocolate => dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive, and gullible.
* Mint Chocolate Chip => argumentative, frugal, and cautious.
* Jamoca => scrupulous, conscientious, and a moral perfectionist.

To read more: What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavors Say About You.

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1. katecrimmins - July 21, 2013

I just posted about ice cream but it wasn’t quite as happy a story! I’m pretty much a vanilla chick.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

According to the research, people who favor the flavor “vanilla” are more likely to be “impulsive, easily suggestible, and idealists”

I see that . . .

Ice cream vendor: “We have vanilla, choco . . . ”
Suggestible Customer: “Ooh, vanilla. That sounds good.”
Vendor: “Don’t you want to hear the rest of the list?”
Customer: “Nope. Two scoops of vanilla.”
Vendor: “Wow. You’re impulsive. Any toppings?”
Customer: “Nope. Give ’em to me straight up.”
Vendor: “The straight scoop . . . coming up!”

2. Maggie - July 21, 2013

Chocolate ice cream all the way! (Or chocolate/vanilla swirl)

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

I love the personality profile for “chocolate” ~ dramatic, lively, charming!

Hope you get to celebrate today . . . or tomorrow. It’s National Ice Cream MONTH too. 😀

3. nycfitfoodfashion - July 21, 2013

I am definitely going to partake in some ice cream today! We have to ~ it is National Ice Cream Day! Now what should I have Baskin Robbins maybe?

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Baskin Robbins sponsored the research on flavor preferences.
It might also have “invented” the holiday. :mrgreen:

4. shreejacob - July 21, 2013

Holy cow!!!! I read the description for vanilla ice cream! It’s…..freakily….TRUE! I’m impulsive, I’m suggestible (though I would like to think that I have a very open mind which says “Hey! Anything is possible!” ) and I am…well..kinda an idealist! O.O

*How* did they know????????

Ooo..and pralines and cream is another favourite!

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

I’m a fan of many different flavors of ice cream . . . does that mean I have multiple personality disorder? 😛

Pralines and cream is definitely in my Top Ten. Along with Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. Mangia!

5. jannatwrites - July 21, 2013

I don’t think I like the analysis of my favorite combination. I like a scoop of chocolate fudge, with a scoop of chocolate mint.

Argumetative? I’m not argumentative, but that’s totally wrong! 😛

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Hahaha! Some people would rather be happy than right . . . but those who opt for chocolate mint are happy AND right! 😀

6. Eric Tonningsen - July 21, 2013

IMO, ice cream doesn’t hold a candle to gelato or even exotic sorbets. But to your question, I make an unbelievably delicious spinach ice cream. Go ahead, turn up your nose but until you’ve tried (and liked) it, you won’t know what you’re missing.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

OK . . . but Spinach flavored ice cream wasn’t included in the research study so I’m going to have to do the impromptu personality analysis and assessment myself:

“Those who savor spinach flavored ice cream are more likely to be autonomous and not easily sheep-herded.” :mrgreen:

Eric Tonningsen - July 21, 2013

Not bad. 🙂 Clearly not one to yield to a staff and selectively autonomous.


nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Go Popeye!!! 😀

7. kateshrewsday - July 21, 2013

I’m a chocolate ice cream lover, Nancy. Mmmmmm.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Dramatic, Lively, and Charming it is! 😀

8. cecilia - July 21, 2013

Oh and i just made peach ice cream this morning! fantastic! c

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Did you make it with your little baby peaches? I bet it’s going to be scrumdillyiitious! 😀

9. Pix Under the Oaks - July 21, 2013

Favorite ice cream from ColdStone Creamery~ banana ice cream with caramel, chocolate syrup and toasted pecans! At home, a scoop of vanilla with Hershey’s and peanuts.. 😀

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Good picks, Pix. I haven’t had banana ice cream in ages . . . but I love slicing a banana over some good vanilla. Yum.

10. Three Well Beings - July 23, 2013

We’ve had our share of cones down here at the beach this week…I really prefer almost any ice cream with at least a good dose of chocolate. I went to the link you provided and all it proved to me is that I’m indecisive. 🙂 They all looked really good. There is one local family-owned ice creamery we go to once in a great while, and when we do, I order Rum Raisin. I tried it one time simply because it sounded interesting, and it was just delicious. Decadent, is more like it! 🙂

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

Well, indecisive to me means getting 7-8 flavors at once due to the inability to choose just one. Or two. Those of us who try different flavors on different visits are EOE (equal opportunity eaters)! :mrgreen:

It’s a big world filled with infinite possibilities. We don’t read the same book or watch the same movie all the time. Why should we be stuck with a single flavor of ice cream? So many yummy choices. So little time.

11. Perfecting Motherhood - July 23, 2013

Yum! We made smoothies at home that day to stay cool.

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

We got a FREE Cherry Limeade Smoothie at Panera yesterday with BFF’s reward card ~ really tasty. And cool.

12. diannegray - July 23, 2013

I love Neapolitan – but I’m not sure what that makes me 😉

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

All good things! The best traits of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry lovers . . . with none of the bad traits. 😉

diannegray - July 24, 2013

Phew!!! 😀

13. Kim@womaninthemid.com - July 24, 2013

Darn, I missed National Ice Cream Day! Oh, wait…come to think of it I did have ice cream on Sunday. Whew!

nrhatch - July 24, 2013

Whew! That was a close one. It’s also National Ice Cream Month. So we can indulge again and again. 😀

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