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If I Had One Wish July 21, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Health & Wellness, Humor, Mindfulness.

Tree-Frog-PerchedIf I had one wish . . .

And was precluded the option of wishing for more wishes.

If I had one wish . . .

And it had to be “personal” not some global wish for “world peace.”


If I had one wish . . .

Just for me.

I would wish for a good night’s sleep.
Every night.

Aah . . . that’s better!

What?  Did you really think I was going to wish for a frog prince?  What on earth gave you that idea?  

Now, how about you?  If you had just one wish . . . how would you spend it?

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1. Gardner's World - July 21, 2013

To be able to fly! That would be pretty cool

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

That would be grand! Imagine just taking off and soaring over the rooftops and trees. Whee! 😎

2. Naomi - July 21, 2013

Wow Nancy, thank you for this special wake-up call. Your post title grabbed my attention and reminds me to be grateful for the restful sleep that I have always enjoyed. Thank you also for your recent email reminder regarding work and play, which prompts me to say that my one personal wish would be for perfect balance, every day 🙂

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Thanks, Naomi. We benefit and recharge from a “good night’s sleep.” I’m delighted to hear yours is restful.

Perfect balance is worth striving for. At times we WORK far too hard and at other times we PLAY too much. Finding the fulcrum is great. With just enough of both. :mrgreen:

3. katecrimmins - July 21, 2013

Having a good night’s sleep every night sounds just about perfect! Or maybe not to worry about anything ever again.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Oh, good one, Kate! Worry can be a super big waste of time -> interest paid on a debt we may not even owe.

I always got my best sleep in the middle of a trial. Probably because I actually tired out the little gray cells. 😉

4. aawwa - July 21, 2013

I will sleep on it :-). It sounds like a great topic for tomorrow’s blog – bed time here!

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Hahaha! Sweet dreams, Lorraine.

5. shreejacob - July 21, 2013

Oo..aaargh….just one? Hmmmm…uhm…
I would wish for…I would wish for trusting myself more! Yea…..that should cover it! lol

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Oh, another good one! It’s hard(er) to go through life if we are prone to second-guessing our every decision.

shreejacob - July 21, 2013

Yup! It’s something I remind myself to do !!

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

I do try to make (most) decisions “mindfully” using reason, logic, experience, and . . . intuition. If my heart, head, and gut are in alignment, it’s a “no brainer.” 😉

6. ericjbaker - July 21, 2013

Unlimited power to control the multiverse

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

World Domination! Woo hoo!

Just remember . . . power is a corrosive agent (like rust) that corrupts those who wield scepters and sabers.

ericjbaker - July 21, 2013

I have universes to run. I can’t be bothered with the petty squabbles of you humans!

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Spoken like a true AutoCrat! 😉

ericjbaker - July 21, 2013

AutoCrat? What’s that, some new software for dictators?


nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Sure. That’s it. 😀

7. jannatwrites - July 21, 2013

One wish…I like the flying one – I could handle trips without the TSA hassles 🙂 I think I’d have to wish for patience, though.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Patience goes far when we’re dealing with daily hassles . . . including intrusive pat-downs at TSA checkpoints.

But now I want my wish back . . . I want to be able to time travel (forward and back) with the snap of my fingers. If I get tired, I’ll travel back in time to when I slept through the night like a baby! 😀

8. Andra Watkins - July 21, 2013

I would wish to die at the same time as MTM so that I would not have to know life without him.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

I expect that many happily married couples feel just the same, unless they have kids to care for.

An attorney I used to work with never flew on the same plane as his wife once they started a family.

9. Tammy - July 21, 2013

Danke Nancy!

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

I linked up to your post so I can read it again . . . next time I have insomnia. 😉

10. Pix Under the Oaks - July 21, 2013

If I had one wish I would wish to not have that paralyzing anxiety and worry.

nrhatch - July 21, 2013

Here’s hoping you discover the coping skills you need to manage your anxiety and worry, Pix. They are not fun companions to have hanging about. 😦

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nrhatch - July 22, 2013

Thanks for your more global perspective, Lorraine.

12. CMSmith - July 22, 2013

Not a bad choice.
I can’t take the pressure of trying to figure out what I would wish for.

nrhatch - July 22, 2013

I know, right! And every birthday we’re presented with the pressure of blowing out ALL the candles AND making a wish at the same time! 😆

13. bluebee - July 23, 2013

Boundless energy and little need for sleep! So much to do, so little time (and energy)

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

Oh, I like that . . . eliminate the problem of insomnia by removing the need for sleep. Perfect! Instead of tossing and turning in bed, we could get all sorts of things done.

Energy, it is! 😎

14. Perfecting Motherhood - July 23, 2013

Hmmm, let’s see. Make my worst nightmare disappear off the surface of the earth? Alright, I guess I’ll settle for a good night’s sleep too.

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

Hahaha. Sleep makes everything better . . . except for the occasional recurring “nightmare.”

15. diannegray - July 23, 2013

I’d love to be able to fly without having to get into a plane 😉

I love the pictures of the frogs. We have them at the farm – so cute! 😀

nrhatch - July 23, 2013

Flying would be great! As a child, I had a recurrent dream that I could fly ~ I’d soar over the treetops like Peter Pan. FREE!

diannegray - July 24, 2013

I occasionally have those dreams (and wish I had more of them!) 😀

nrhatch - July 24, 2013

That might make for a relaxing daydream.

16. William D'Andrea - July 25, 2013

I am going to be 68 years old on August 3rd. I sometimes hear about “The Bucket List”; attempting to do all the things you’ve never got to do, before you “kick the bucket”. I’ve thought it over and realized that I have done all the things that I’ve really wanted to do. However they’re not all the things that others might think I should do. I have no wish to go bungee jumping or sky diving; or other things that needlessly put myself in danger. I am in very good health for a man my age, and would like to remain that way. It looks like I’m going to have a good, long life ahead of me; and I don’t want to spend it in a nursing home.

The only thing I’ve wanted that I haven’t got to do, is be a successful, best selling author. On the other hand, I get the impression that success is something that should be approached with caution. However, I wouldn’t mind having my income increase, while I’m healthy enough to enjoy it, but old enough to do so carefully.

nrhatch - July 25, 2013

Happy (Almost) Birthday! I feel much the same as you . . . there are still people, places, and things I want to experience, but nothing so compelling that I would regret not having done them.

I hope that you are able to sell some of your books . . . so you earn a bit more spending money. But, you’re right, success is a mixed bag, especially if we lose our anonymity. I don’t envy the folks on the covers of the tabloids every week ~ with their every action and inaction dissected under the paparazzi’s scopes.

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