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Diminutive Dominions and Dust Bunnies June 4, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Mindfulness, Travel & Leisure.

Huey,-Dewey-And-LouieLast week, we watched a Rick Steves’ Travel Show about the 5 smallest nations in Europe.

During the Little Europe episode, Rick visited:

* Andorra
* Liechtenstein
* Monaco
* San Marino
* Vatican City

Charmed by these diminutive dominions, BFF and I thought we’d learned something new.

Turns out, we’d learned next to nothing.

A few days after touring Little Europe with Rick, Jeopardy offered a category, Little Europe, with five correct answers:

Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, and Vatican City.

We got four out of five questions WRONG!

We named the five countries correctly . . . except for Andorra (which we called Angola) and San Marino (which we called Dan Marino) . . . but we called them out in the wrong order.

The one question we nailed dealt with Monaco having a casino in Monte Carlo.

Let’s face it, you don’t have to be “smarter than a 5th grader” to know that . . . not if you grew up watching James Bond.

Hearing something and learning something are not the same thing at all.

Before we claim to have learned something, we need to ensure that the information is readily retrievable.

If not, it’s just brain clutter of no more use than dust bunnies under the bed.

While we’re on the subject of brain detritus and trivia, let’s play a little game.

Ready?  Take a look at the image on the right.  Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it’s a photo.

No, it’s not the tangle of cords around my home computer.

Here’s a hint:  Imagine you’re looking into a high-powered microscope.

Still nothing?

OK.  Imagine that you’ve just cleaned under the bed and . . .

Yes!  It’s a photo of the microscopic synapses in a dust bunnies’ brain!

Aah . . . that’s better!

Illustrations:  Wikipedia ~ Dust Bunny (in Public Domain)



1. Pix Under the Oaks - June 4, 2013

I don’t know what to say about those dust bunnies! But if those are your dust bunnies I feel better about mine which keep collecting under my couch in the family room!!!

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I “borrowed” those dust bunnies from Wikipedia . . . but I’ve seen a few just like ’em in the past. I’m not going to say where. Mum’s the word. 😉

2. 2e0mca - June 4, 2013

Well, I guess it depends on the criteria he was using but he’s missed out the Sovereign Military Order of Malta which, like the Vatican City, is a state within a state located in Rome 🙂

As for Dust Bunnies… We’ve just had a major eviction event at the weekend with my good lady testing out a new Dyson Bunny Exterminater – very effective 🙂

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I found these state within a state places fascinating. As if Kansas or Oklahoma or London decided to venture off on its own . . . while sitting in the middle of our “living room.”

With a Dyson Bunny Exterminator on the scene, those “dust bunnies” don’t stand a chance. 😀

2e0mca - June 4, 2013

By the SMOM are the Knight’s Templar…

I recall a BBC commentator on Radio 5 talking about up and coming England football matches – “And then England will be playing the Island nation of Andorra”! I thought – who the hell briefed this guy 😦

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Bwahaha . . . that announcer sounds as bad as me. When “Andorra” wouldn’t come to me, I reached for “Angola!” 😉

3. SuziCate - June 4, 2013

My brain often feels what a dust bunny look like!

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I think that dust bunny is at least as organized as the power cords for my computer . . . or the TV/VCR/Cable connections.

Random organization . . . or organized chaos? You decide. :mrgreen:

4. katecrimmins - June 4, 2013

I had no idea there were so many itty bitty countries. But are they as fun as the Jersey shore?

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I’m certain the Jersey Shore beats out the Vatican for good old fashioned family fun. And it’s way easier to spell (and remember) than Liechtenstein. 😛

5. William D'Andrea - June 4, 2013

If you want to play Jeopardy, no matter how smart you are, whether you like it or not, you’ve got to study. Study! Study! Study! You can’t be hitting homeruns unless you practice.

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Thanks, Coach! :mrgreen:

6. Andra Watkins - June 4, 2013

I have so many dust bunnies at this point, Nancy. I don’t even know where to start cleaning them out. 🙂

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

That’s why we call them dust “bunnies” . . . they multiply like rabbits! 😛

7. Don - June 4, 2013

With a brain like that those dust bunnies must be pretty smart. Great post Nancy. Loved the Dan Marino bit.

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Thanks, Don! That microscopic view of a dust bunny is fascinating . . . and, likely, far more organized than the synapses in a politician’s brain. :mrgreen:

8. diannegray - June 4, 2013

Yikes – those dust bunnies are everywhere! Thank you for cleaning them out of my brain so now if I’m ever on Jeopardy I can name those iddy biddy countries! 😀

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Last night, we traveled through Hidden Europe with Rick Steves. He visited 10 spots. I can only remember about 6 of them ~ San Sebastian in Basque country, some park full of water falls in Croatia, a Greek Isle with lots of donkeys and no cars, an antiquated town in Denmark with a 2 1/2 mile bike path on top of a renaissance wall, an Italian village that virgin presses its olives by hand (a 2-hour process) and then uses the first press for the “best bruschetta ever,” and a small town that featured prominently in the Bosnian wars.

By tomorrow, most of that information will no doubt be transformed into dust bunnies in my brain. 😛

9. ericjbaker - June 4, 2013

It doesn’t get any easier to remember things as I get older, either. I’d be hopeless without muscle memory.

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I used muscle memory this morning at Water Aerobics . . . “it’s fun to stay at the Y . . . M . . . C . . . A.” 😉

10. jannatwrites - June 5, 2013

Dan Marino – that’s what I thought of when I saw San Marino! (If you ever wondered why I haven’t tried out for Jeopardy!, this should be a huge clue :))

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

I did try out for Jeopardy, bouncing about, brimming with enthusiasm, clapping and laughing, “Pick me! Pick me!”

They pointed me to -> “Wheel of Fortune.” 😛

I’m just kidding about acting like a cheerleader . . . but I did take the on-line Jeopardy test once. YOWSA! The test makes the questions on the show look EASY!

BFF’s cousin was on the show years ago, but didn’t win and was quickly retired. 😉

11. shreejacob - June 5, 2013

Hehehe..I had to click on that link to be sure you weren’t kidding! LOL.
I kinda understand about brain clutter.

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

You didn’t trust me? . . . good for you! 😛

12. colonialist - June 5, 2013

Does the fact that I recognised those bunnies instantly say anything about the state in which I keep my study? Hmmmmmm…

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

I’ll not say a word.
*Walks away, whistling* 😉

13. kateshrewsday - June 7, 2013

I have an extremely short term memory: I am appalling at remembering anything. But memory,as you say, is only part of the story. The ability to internalise and analyse the information that comes your way – it’s a skill too. I shall never be great at remembering things, but I shall always be a great analyser. And all out different skills – they’re what make the world go round 🙂

(Well, actually, conservation of angular momentum makes the world go round, but you get my drift)

nrhatch - June 7, 2013

Haha! I hope that your appearance here means that your migraine has dissipated. They are NEVER fun companions.

kateshrewsday - June 7, 2013

It seems to have wandered off, Nancy. I am SO relieved.

nrhatch - June 7, 2013

Huzzah! That’s great to hear.

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