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The Boundaries of Your Mind’s Fullness June 3, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Mindfulness, People, Spirit & Ego.

vanarsdel7The Ego-Self is a projection of how we perceive ourselves vis-a-vis others.

An ever-changing paper mache mask.

The Spirit-Self is who we are underneath it all . . . our ever-constant unchanging essence.

The Self that never ages, no matter how many birthdays we celebrate.

Allowing the Ego-Self to have its way is akin to putting a toddler in charge of your life with all its incessant demands.

Gimme!  I want!  No!

Following the Spirit-Self, in contrast, leads to compassion, kindness, and a desire to help others.

If someone is trying to “find themselves” in order to bolster up the Ego-Self, it’s rather a waste of time since that “self” is merely a projection.

No more “real” than an actor playing a role.

IMGP2584bIf someone is trying to “find themselves” in order to uncover the essence of who they are at the core . . .

Underneath all the layers and labels and masks . . .

If they want to experience oneness with “all that is” . . .

That seems a rather valuable use of the limited time we have here.

No matter where we are in life, no matter what roles we are playing (from caregiver to bank executive to hippie), we find our true self by looking within.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Quote to Ponder:  When we understand who we really are, we free ourselves from the illusions that hold us back.

* * * * *

Artwork by Maitte Van Arsdel ~ available at Island Gallery West.


1. maverickkajal - June 3, 2013

The post is very thought provoking. It really appeals to the mind.

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

When we sidestep the insatiable Ego, we find pools of peace waiting within.

Aah . . . that’s better. _/!\_

2. SuziCate - June 3, 2013

I love the comparison of the ego-self to a toddler -How true!

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

Ego is QUICK to anger and SLOW to forgive. It is demanding, greedy, self-centered and NOISY ~ a roller coaster of emotions.

Spirit is calm, quiet, patient, forgiving, and willing to start each day with a clean slate rather than looking at life through a cloudy lens. Spirit encourages us to Be Here Now . . . fully open to the Present Moment, so we can Live, Love, and Laugh Like We Mean It. 😎

3. colonialist - June 3, 2013

Some people find their true selves by looking within and don’t like them much, so become their untrue someone-elses by looking without! 🙂

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

Maybe they didn’t dig deep enough? Getting free of Ego’s tenacious grasp can be a challenge.

But it’s worth it. After all, our freedom is at stake. 😉

colonialist - June 3, 2013

Nope *pessimistically* it’s just that there is nothing down there worth finding, with some people.

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

Most Buddhas start out as rocks and emerge only after they mindfully chisel away everything that doesn’t look like a Buddha. :mrgreen:

4. Grannymar - June 3, 2013

I just accept myself warts and all!

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

When we accept the “what is” . . . life is infinitely easier. 😛

5. SidevieW - June 3, 2013

ego is the unconscious demand to be important

self is the contentment of acceptance

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

Yes! Ego wants to be the center of the Universe. Self knows that it is one with all that is. 😀

SidevieW - June 4, 2013

well put!

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

I shall accept that . . . with contentment. 😉

6. spilledinkguy - June 3, 2013

So… if my self is kind of a jerk, too, I guess that means I’m really in trouble, aren’t I, Nancy?! 🙂

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

Yup . . . I think it’s a safe bet to say you’re “really in trouble.” Sorry, SiG. 😛

7. diannegray - June 3, 2013

I love this post, Nancy. It reminds me of one of my favourite books – The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho). You don’t have to search the world to find what is already in your soul 😀

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

I’ve read that book. I found it quite interesting . . . all those lovely synchronicities. 😀

8. shreejacob - June 3, 2013

Lovely and so true. I’m reading the Edgar Cayce Primer and that some of the things it says too! That book is totally awesome 😀

nrhatch - June 3, 2013

We’ve been to the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA.


Fascinating place. We took telepathy tests. I scored high on pre-cognition. Knowing things BEFORE they happen. And we walked the labryinth. 😎

shreejacob - June 4, 2013

Ooo…that’s a good gift! I’ve only seen a labyrinth on the internet. I’m taking Edgar Cayce as one of my subjects in the course I’m doing 🙂 Thanks for the link too!

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Here’s an example of my pre-cognition in action:

Here’s another:

If it was a bit more dependable, I could be RICH!

9. Three Well Beings - June 4, 2013

That is just brilliant to equate the ego-self with a toddler, and then imagine trying to give in to the incessant demands. That will stick with me as a great example, Nancy. 🙂 I do know that sometimes when my ego is too loud, I can just tell it to pipe down! It’s amazing how acknowledging that it’s not in control can allow my spirit- self to have more space! This was a great post, Nancy.

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Once we realize that “Ego” is not “us,” we can step into the role of “detached observer.”

From that vantage point, we watch Ego inflating with pride at the slightest compliment, or deflating like a fatigued balloon when someone looks at it the “wrong” way. We see how Ego’s re-actions take us on a daily roller coaster of UPS and DOWNS.

And we realize that if we stay in the role of detached observer, we can watch Ego’s histrionics without getting pulled into the maelstrom.

Aah . . . that’s better!

10. Perfecting Motherhood - June 4, 2013

Argh, don’t let me get started with the ego and the self… I’m deep into books on narcissism so I can understand what I’m up against once and for all, and it’s scary. Very, very scary. Those people don’t have one ounce of spirit self.

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Picture your “favorite narcissist” as a scared and lonely child willing to do ANYTHING to get attention. The insatiable desire for external applause, accolades, admiration, approval, and attention drowns out all else.

Including the still silent voice within.

Perfecting Motherhood - June 4, 2013

Haha, that’s exactly what it is! All the books say, picture a two-year old having a temper tantrum, screaming at the top of his lungs, me, me, me!!! It’s really draining to deal with it. Especially when you remain quiet but the interfering noise continues…

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

With practice, I find it much easier to step back into the role of detached observer . . . watching its antics with no small degree of amusement. 😀

11. wisejourney - June 4, 2013

….ah better indeed. Thanks for the reminder to continue to look within for my answers. Great song

nrhatch - June 4, 2013

Eleanor McEvoy has such a lovely voice.

12. Tammy - June 5, 2013

Have you ever blogged about the spiritual catalyst in your own life?

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

I have. Although it’s not encapsulated into a single post. If you’re interested:


See paragraph #3 for my spiritual “wake up call.”

13. jannatwrites - June 5, 2013

So true about the comparison of ego to a toddler. I want it and I want it NOW! 🙂

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

When I notice Ego getting hot under the collar, I tune in to hear what it’s sputtering about. Ego puts on a show to rival 4th of July Fireworks. 😳

Instead of applying logic and reason to facts and figures, Ego deals in over-generalizations, half-truths, mis-truths, and lies. To defuse it, all we have to do is ask, “Is that true?”

14. sufilight - June 5, 2013

Oooh, this is one of my most favorite posts. Seeing the ego as a two year old is a PERFECT reminder to choose to be directed by a two year old or the wise, infinite spirit that we are.

nrhatch - June 5, 2013

Thanks, Marie. Once we see that we are not the thoughts we think, life is so much easier ~ if we don’t buy into everything Ego is saying, watching Ego have a tantrum can be quite amusing. :mrgreen:

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