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Not A Word In 13 Years . . . May 30, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Magick & Mystery, People.
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IMGP1221In 2000, “L” and her family of 6 (plus her mother) visited us one week after we moved into a new home on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

I thought we had a fantastic time.

She seemed as friendly when she left as when she arrived.

I never heard from her again.

Not a word in 13 years.

Phone calls, e-mails, letters, holiday missives, and birthday cards all went unanswered.  To this day, I have NO IDEA what happened . . . despite having asked in every way I could think of.

Before we parted ways, L and I had been close friends for 24 years ~ from freshman year in college through moves, marriages, children (hers, not mine), changing philosophies, etc.

She served as a bridesmaid in my wedding.  I sang in her wedding.  She and her husband stayed with us in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Maryland.  We visited her family in Minnesota and at her mother’s house in New Jersey.

We held sleep overs for her kids and attended Batman-themed birthday parties. We visited playgrounds and parks.  We played penny poker.

IMGP1216bAll that stopped in June 2000.

Her four sons, now college-aged and older, friended me on Facebook.

They remember all the good times we had together when they were growing up.

But their mom is still mum.  She hasn’t spoken a word to me in 13 years.

Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.

And I haven’t a clue as to why she drifted away.
It’s a mystery.

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Have you ever had a close friend drift away and disappear “for no reason” you could discern?

Did the two of you ever reunite and re-ignite the friendship?