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Wrting Groups May 29, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Mindfulness, People, Word Play, Writing & Writers.
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Tiggers-R-UsWriting groups are not for everyone.

What I enjoy most about writing is its solitary nature, with nothing between my thoughts and the page but my pen. Writing “by committee” holds no appeal.

Some critiques “bash” the motivation out of would-be writers. Other critiques probably aren’t critical enough.

Due to loyalty, or fear of future reprisals, members may say what the would-be writer WANTS to hear, not what s/he NEEDS to hear.

7dwarfsMeetings are time consuming and often a waste of time ~ social niceties, feigned friendship, and pats on the back (warranted and unwarranted) eat up LOTS of time.

If you’re in the wrong group . . . you hear the wrong advice.

If you hear any advice at all.

When we first moved to Florida, I attended a few meetings of the Gulf Coast Writers.  The group gathers once a month to read their writings to each other amid a smattering of polite applause ~ or deathly silence.

Occasionally, an outside speaker appears to elucidate writers in the group about how to get published  or self-publish their words.

The meeting time, mid-day on Wednesdays, ensures that most members are retired from the workforce . . . with an average age of 73.1 years.

At the second or third meeting I attended, the group discussed holding a Writers Forum on the island.  Excited, I attended the next meeting only to learn that a consensus had been reached to do nothing more than the group was already doing ~ acting as a polite audience for once a month readings.

At that point, I lost interest in the group, and I haven’t bothered to scout out another for the reasons cited above.

PC-CatThat said, if I stumbled upon someone and LOVED how they wrote and they agreed to read my WIP and give me an HONEST critique and it was HELPFUL and we started to share more of our writing with each other and . . .

That might work. ;)

Aah . . . that’s better!

What say you?

Have you ever participated in a writing group?
Did it help or hinder?

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Quote to ponder:  The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can’t help it. ~ Leo Rosten