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Stuck Like a Duck on a Deck May 26, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Food & Drink, Travel & Leisure.
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It’s Memorial Day in the States . . .

Creating a 3-day-weekend for many working folks who enjoy spending their “off hours” congregating in record numbers with other boaters in shallow waters atop barely submerged sandbars in the inter-coastal waterway while they float  from boat to boat, cans in hand, to discuss matters of deep import.

We didn’t join them.

Instead, we went for a long walk in the waves on alcohol-free beaches.


We enjoyed $2 Happy Hour appetizers and a cold Yuengling at Bella Mia Grille on the Manatee River ~ our fave, fried green beans with chipotle dipping sauce.


We listened to the Sarasota Jazz Project while strolling through the Farmer’s Market on Lemon Avenue.


We enjoyed all the bright colors, textures, sounds, and aromas.


We bought fresh corn-on-the-cob for dinner, a pair of ripe red tomatoes, and two considerably-less-ripe green tomatoes to pair with grits for lunch today.


After getting our fill of the Farmer’s Market, we went for a short boat ride on Sarasota Bay with Captain Daryl of the Freedom Boat Club.


The weather whispered, “kick back and relax.”

We complied.


After having a few laughs, we headed north to Longboat Key Club for an Auction of Artwork and Diamond-studded Rolex Watches.

A Peep at Christies: Wikipedia ~ Elizabeth Farren (in Public Domain)

We didn’t bring our checkbooks, content to spectate only.

After watching an original Pissarro sell for $11,800 and a Rolex go for $8,900, we turned our backs on the stifled bidding and returned home.

Where we found a duck, stuck, on our deck.

We didn’t realize, at first, that she was stuck.  She seemed to be enjoying the shade of the palm tree.

An hour later, she began pacing, intent on finding a way out.

We screened the deck posts so Tigger can’t slip through.  The duck could have flown the coop by looking up.

But our stuck duck didn’t think of that as she waddled to and fro, flapping frustrated wings.

So we rescued her.


Aah . . . that’s better!