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What Have You Created Lately? May 17, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Books & Movies, Food & Drink, People.
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catladyIn life, we have two principal roles  . . . consumers and creators.

Why do we create?

To fill our hearts, homes, and hours with more satisfying fare than watching endless reruns of Seinfeld or I Love Lucy while mindlessly stuffing our pie holes with Hostess Twinkies.

Parents create offspring to nurture.  Cooks create meals to savor and share. Musicians create music.  Artists create paintings, statues, collages, quilts, jewelry.  Photographers create Kodak moments and memories.  Architects create buildings, bridges, and alleyways.  Attorneys create theories of the case, opening statements, closing arguments.  Writers create plot-lines and poetry, heroines and villains.  Friends create relationships, connections, and shared bonds.  Philosophers create ideas and ideals.

Advertising and marketing moguls create desires for us to consume when we are not creating.

A Pensive Moment: Wikipedia ~ Desire (in Public Domain)

As consumers, we consume an endless array of consumables in every waking and sleeping hour ~ books, sleep, movies, classes, TV shows, meals, lectures, jewelry, alcohol, shoes, handbags, concerts, sporting events, video games, puzzles, magazine articles, and the occasional imported cigar.

Our appetites as consumers are insatiable.

Once we have consumed the object of each current desire, a new desire arises to take its place.

To kill time and fill the void between birth and death, we can consume.

Or we can create.

What have YOU created lately?

Aah . . . that’s better!