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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! April 12, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor.

King James IV of Scotland (Wikipedia, in Public Domain)

“Hey, McGee.  Did you hear?  That Elusive Photograph has been found.”

“Fantastic!  Where’d they find it?”

“In an old cave near the 14th Fairway of some golf course in Surrey.”


“Yup.  Next to some old bones that may or may not have belonged to King James IV of Scotland.”

“What on Earth was it doing there?”

“Don’t know.  Article doesn’t say.”

“Must have been feeling rather reclusive to hang out in a cave with a bunch of five hundred year old bones.”

“Good point.  Caves are great for the elusive, the reclusive, and the exclusive.”

“Does The Times include a copy of the shot?”

“Yes, it’s rather somber.”


“Wow.  That’s dark.”

“If you ask me, it belongs on the 14th green.”

“Agreed . . . it’s far too sobering for the 19th hole.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. kateshrewsday - April 12, 2013

Guffawing here, Nancy 😀 ‘Tis good to see someone putting King James’s bones to decent use….INGENIOUS take on the theme.

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

When I saw Sidey’s theme, I went off on a search for That Elusive Photograph. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it lurking about with King James! :mrgreen:

2. Crowing Crone Joss - April 12, 2013

Oh, well done!

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

Thanks, Joss. Sidey’s theme left lots of PLAY room. 😀

3. bluebee - April 12, 2013

Ha! Proof that bovines are subversive!

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

Exactly! Rabble Rowsers.

4. SidevieW - April 12, 2013

well well , bones and all

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

No bones about it. 😉

5. sufilight - April 12, 2013

HA, good to be on top of notable news! 😀

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

Can’t you just see That Elusive Photograph camped out in a cave with a bunch of bones? 😉

6. Tokeloshe - April 12, 2013

Udderly well done 😉

nrhatch - April 12, 2013

Thanks, Tok. That cow is no coward!

7. colonialist - April 13, 2013

I love it! You really did milk the theme and got it to a tee!
btw – let me give another sermon as a hyphen-worshipping fantatic.
Five hundred-year-old bones or five-hundred-year old bones? 🙂

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

Neither. We write: “five-year-old child.” But if we write “five hundred-year-old bones,” we are saying FIVE bones, each one hundred years old. So the “five” must be tied in as well.

We need 3 hyphens for this bad boy: five-hundred-year-old bones. But I only had two hyphens left in my writing allotment for the day, so I omitted them all, certain that people would catch the meaning. :mrgreen:

8. colonialist - April 13, 2013

The last of those hyphens is best on form, but is optional on meaning. There is no alternative way to understand it as long as the five-hundred-year is grouped. “A bunch of bones five hundred years old” is the hyphenless solution.

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

When English usage and grammar causes me to scratch my head in perplexed puzzlement, reordering things to avoid the problem is a great escape hatch. 😎

9. Tammy - April 13, 2013

That was really funny.

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

Thanks, Tammy. I enjoy writing dialogue with no exposition. Sidey’s theme paired nicely with Kate’s recent post.

10. Zirkie - April 13, 2013

This is sooooo funny!

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

Thanks, Zirkie. I admit to having been in a rather silly mood yesterday afternoon. 😛

11. diannegray - April 13, 2013

LOL! Brilliant, Nancy! 😀

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

Thanks, Dianne. I’m about to head round and pay you a visit.

12. Grannymar - April 13, 2013

Short and sweet, no bones about it!

nrhatch - April 13, 2013

Thanks, Grannymar. I had FUN with this one.

13. jannatwrites - April 14, 2013

Hahaha! I didn’t know what the nineteenth hole was, but once I clicked the link and read it, I “got” it. (Maybe that’s why my husband likes golf…it’s not really the 18 he’s after? :))

nrhatch - April 14, 2013

I expect most golfers enjoy chasing the ball around the first 18 holes more when they know they can enjoy “the perfect shot” on the 19th. :mrgreen:

14. elspethc - April 15, 2013

like your thoughts

nrhatch - April 15, 2013

Thanks, elspeth. Sidey’s challenge gave me a chance to play around a bit . . . and link up with Kate’s post on King James IV.

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