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Joyce Kilmer Eat Your Heart Out . . . April 4, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Humor, Poetry.

I think that I shall never see

a poem as lovely as a . . . .


Plate of oatmeal-raisin cookies and chewy fudge brownies!

Aah . . . that’s better!

Related poem:  Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Addendum:  After reading aawwa’s comment, I swung through cyber space to check out her post ~ I Love Trees (All About Words) ~ which features Joyce Kilmer’s poem and 29 photos of trees.   See if you can guess which two photos were taken in London.


1. Lisa Wields Words - April 4, 2013

😀 Now I want a brownie.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Brownies + Breakfast = Perfect Together! :mrgreen:

Lisa Wields Words - April 4, 2013

You’re so bad . . . in a wonderful way.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Thank you! I be bad. 😛

2. aawwa - April 4, 2013

I am pleased to see that my blog (the poem) has a little bit of influence in the world 😉 Did you bake those cookies and brownies – yum 😉

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

I didn’t see your post until just now. As soon as I saw your comment, I swung around straight away. Joyce Kilmer must be delighted that his poem is still being recited the world round. 😀

BFF baked the cookies and brownies for our get-to-gether on Easter. YUM is right.

3. ryoko861 - April 4, 2013

Trees don’t taste as good as cookies.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Except to Koalas. 😉

4. ericjbaker - April 4, 2013

If I hadn’t just consumed a red velvet cupcake, I’d bite my monitor.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

I get that! :mrgreen:

5. William D'Andrea - April 4, 2013

I see you don’t know much about Joyce Kilmer. The poet was actual male. He was a British soldier fighting in World War I, when he wrote the poem. He was later killed in battle. Then this poem was discovered among his belongings.
I hope this doesn’t upset you.
When I was going to school, we kids were all made to sing the words; making us boys groan, because the words sounded so “girly”.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

It doesn’t upset me in the least . . . I don’t know where you got the idea that I didn’t know that Joyce Kilmer was a “he.”

As I said above, “Joyce Kilmer must be delighted that HIS poem is still being recited the world round.” :mrgreen:

William D'Andrea - April 4, 2013

Sorry about that. I was sure that I saw him refered to as “She” or “Her” by someone on this blog. Now taking a second look at all the entries, I don’t see it. I hope I’m not developing some kind of a problem.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

My reference to Lorraine’s post says “her post” . . . perhaps you read that as “her poem”?

Either way, thanks for sharing some information on Kilmer. Before posting this, I did review his Wikipedia bio and saw how young he was when killed in battle.

6. William D'Andrea - April 4, 2013

Thank you Nancy. I’m glad to know it wasn’t some form of “Creeping alzheimers!”

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

That IS good to know. 😀

7. Pix Under the Oaks - April 4, 2013

Ooooo those brownies!

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Almost as good as Yoder’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, eh? 😉

Pix Under the Oaks - April 4, 2013

Well I have to do another taste test!

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Once is never enough . . . 😉

8. diannegray - April 4, 2013

Okay – I’m going to put it way out there and say this is what I want for dinner tonight! 😀

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Yes! My work here is done! 😛

9. kateshrewsday - April 4, 2013

……and I would have to agree…..

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

I am quite fond of trees, but not to the same extent as a few favorite consumables.

10. Andra Watkins - April 4, 2013

Oh my, I am SO hungry……..

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

My bad. :mrgreen:

At least it’s almost time to dine.

11. Maggie - April 4, 2013

Yes indeed. Brownies make everything better.

nrhatch - April 4, 2013

Great dessert for a crowd . . . ice cream optional.

12. Tammy - April 5, 2013

Perfect! Just perfect Nancy!

nrhatch - April 5, 2013

Thanks for the inspiration. Pairing poems with food = FUN! :mrgreen:

13. Pocket Perspectives - April 5, 2013

Oh no…the power of suggestion!…. Now, I want to find some brownies and cookies…or..maybe I can brush up on my pottery skills and make a pretty blue bowl instead?

nrhatch - April 5, 2013

I have quite the collection of pottery . . . mostly BLUE! None made by my own hand. 😎

14. Perfecting Motherhood - April 5, 2013

Yum, fudge brownies! Is there any more perfect dessert?

nrhatch - April 5, 2013

Brownies are definitely a contender . . . in my Top 3 List.

15. Three Well Beings - April 6, 2013

I’m sitting here knowing there is still Easter chocolate in the kitchen…this didn’t help! LOL!

nrhatch - April 6, 2013

No. It wouldn’t help me either. 😛

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