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“Wanna Hang Out?” March 11, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Less IS More, People.
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IMGP0722aIn high school, we hung out at our house.

Friends dropped by most afternoons and evenings with no set agenda other than the desire to “hang out.”

Some played Frisbee while others played the guitar.

Two might grab paddles for ping-pong while two more grabbed pool sticks.  If you wanted to get in on the action, it was easy . . . “I’ve got winner.”

With no set plans, we flowed from activity to activity:  backgammon, chatting, reading, painting.  Music played in the background and everyone felt free to make the next selection.

We didn’t worry about consensus.  We just hung out together and chilled.

Woodstock-&-SnoopyAs adults, it’s different.  We seldom hang out with friends and do our own thing.  Instead, we entertain.

Entertaining is constraining.  Rather than pursuing our own interests while congregating together, we act in concert.

In tandem.

Hanging out in tandem is like riding a bicycle built for two:  both parties must be of one mind if they hope to make any headway.

In Noon At Tiffany’s, Clara lived in a boardinghouse with an adopted family.  In the evenings, the group congregated in her rooms to read, write, put on plays, chat, sketch, or engage in intellectual discourse.

Members of the group didn’t feel compelled to entertain each other.  They just “hung out,” pursuing individual interests while congregating together.

Reading about their impromptu gatherings made me nostalgic for high school when I could phone a friend and issue an invitation without having any plans in mind . . . other than the simple desire to get-together:

“Hey!  Wanna hang out?”

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Aah . . . that’s better!