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Rush At Each Day With Open Arms February 27, 2013

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Even if we can’t literally turn back the hands of time, might we erase the ravages of age by the thoughts we think?

In Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra summarizes a growing body of evidence which supports the conclusion that we can reverse aging through mindful awareness.

One experiment involved a sort of “inner time travel” with elderly participants.  

In another “anti-aging” experiment, geriatric patients started a weight-lifting program with remarkable results ~ when beliefs change, aging changes.

In a third study . . .

Well, let’s save that for another day.  Instead, let’s discuss a few observations gleaned from the book as a whole.

Nothing holds more power over the body than our beliefs.

* Our cells constantly eavesdrop on our thoughts and beliefs.  A remembered stress, which is only a wisp of thought, releases the same flood of destructive hormones as the stress itself.  (Id.,  p. 5)

* Our cells map our experiences.  Stresses forgotten on a conscious level are imprinted there, emitting signals like buried microchips, making us anxious, tense, fatigued, apprehensive, resentful, and doubtful.  (Id., p. 12-13)

* Transplant patients may report an uncanny experience after receiving a donated kidney, liver, or heart ~ without knowing who the donor is, they begin to experience the donor’s memories and beliefs.  (Id., p. 22-23)

* When we focus on the positives, we send positive signals to every cell in the body, drowning out negative signals from the distant past.

* And vice versa.  When we focus on negatives, we send negative signals to every cell in the body, drowning out positive signals from the present.

We can harness the Mind-Body Connection for healing.

* Given placebo pills (“dummy drugs”), patients can kill pain, reduce gastric secretions, lower blood pressure, and fight tumors.  The pills are meaningless; the power that activates the healing is the suggestion alone.  (Id., p. 18)

Mickey-Surfer* If the mind is given the appropriate suggestion, the body produces the needed biochemical response.

* “Belief creates biology.” ~ Norman Cousins

* Inserting positive intentions into our thought processes, such as, “I want to improve in energy and vigor every day,” allows us to assert control over the beliefs that govern the aging process.  (Id., p. 19)

When we change our underlying beliefs, our bodies respond.

* Despair and hopelessness raise the risk of heart attacks and cancer, thereby shortening life.  Joy and fulfillment keep us healthy and extend life.  (Id., p. 5)

* By renewing our intention to live active, purposeful lives, we can improve our motor abilities, strength, agility, and mental responses.  (Id., p. 19)

* The Mind-Body Connection allows positive affirmations to work.

Physical exercise is the fountain of youth.

* When we give up physical activity and stop exercising, we invite a whole host of health problems into our physiology ~ heart and arteries deteriorate, bones become fragile, muscles atrophy, the risk of obesity increases, depression sets in, and aging accelerates.  (Id., p. 85)

* Regular physical exercise can reverse the most typical effects of biological age (high blood pressure, excess body fat, improper sugar balance, decreased muscle mass, etc.).  (Id., p. 67)

* Adopting a healthy lifestyle delays symptoms of aging by as much as 30 years.  (Id., p. 60)

Rush at each day with open arms.

* Every cell in the body is seeking fulfillment through joy, beauty, love, and appreciation.  (Id., p. 99)

* Learning new things and acquiring new knowledge and skills enhances our ability to stay young at a cellular level.  (Id., p. 25)

Mr-Rossi* We benefit physically and mentally from the intention to experience more energy, alertness, curiosity, wonder, enthusiasm, and creativity.

* “People grow old and die because they see others grow old and die.” ~ Shankara (Ancient Indian Sage)

Rush at each day with open arms ~ awake, aware, and filled with awe.  

Aah . . . that’s better!

Tomorrow . . . the pathway to timelessness.

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