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Holy Coprolite! February 6, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Life Balance.
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Mickey-and-Minnie-kissJust in time for Valentine’s . . . fossilized moose (and dinosaur) droppings!

Although those little nuggets dangling from dainty ears may look like gemstones, a paleoscatologist (a scientist who studies prehistoric poop) would know better.

It’s scat!

Scat that stayed intact . . . and didn’t go splat!

Lumpus-MooseAt Mostly Moose and More, you can buy Moose Poop Earrings . . . for the special Valentine in your life.

Don’t know anyone who wants to walk around with fossilized moose droppings dangling from their ear lobes?

Might I suggest a Moose Poop Necklace?  A Keychain?  I’ve got it . . . a Tie Tack which “pinch hits” as a Lapel or Hat Pin!

No?  Not into Meeses Pieces?

How about Dinosaur Droppings?

At Teton Valley Stones, you can purchase pendants festooned with Petrified Dinosaur Coprolite.  Because dinosaurs are in limited supply, pendants made from their 75-100 million year old poop are pricier than those made from Moose Poop.

To ensure that the stone is ACTUAL Dinosaur Coprolite (and not just a piece of shit), buy from reputable dealers and suppliers.

Wikipedia ~ Lapidary (in Public Domain)

Or check with an experienced lapidary.

“Ah, yes.  This is good shit!”

Fossilized Moose Poop resembles Milk Duds in shape and color, but not aroma.

Dinosaur Droppings, which start out the size and shape of small melons, far too large to be worn as jewelry by any but the most ostentatious, are cut and shaped like any precious stone.

So, yes . . . you CAN get a heart-shaped poop pendant for your Valentine.

Aah . . . that’s better!