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Mr. Potato Head . . . Let Go My Lego! February 3, 2013

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Last summer, in a small sliver of time between trips to New Jersey to assist my parents, BFF and I enjoyed a carefree day with our youngest nephew, Thomas.


We played a few rounds of miniature golf before lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with his parents . . . and a few wild animals.


From there, we wandered, whirled, and twirled around Downtown Disney before “heading round” to the Mr. Potato Head store.


Yes!  There’s an entire store devoted to Mr. Potato Head ~ Barbie may have a better figure, but Mr. Potato Head has just as many fans and accessories!


We stopped to ask Buzz Lightyear for directions but he was no help.  He kept saying, “Up, up and away!”  Impossible since we weren’t wearing our jetpacks.


Last stop, the Lego Store where we bumped into Buzz Lightyear again ~ this time with his pal Woody (from Toy Story).


Outside, we saw three of the Seven Dwarfs headed to work.  Snow White was no where in sight.


Thomas posed for a few pictures with more than a few pups.


We also met my favorite Rock Lobster . . . oops, Loch Monster . . . NESSIE!


Aah . . . that’s better!

Speaking of necks (weren’t we?) . . . the vote is OPEN and it’s neck and neck!