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The Writer’s Desk ~ Let the Voting Begin! February 2, 2013

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The Writer’s Desk Challenge  elicited some illuminating entries.  Thanks to all who entered or cheered from the sidelines!

I limited submissions to 100 words so entrants wouldn’t be tempted to write dissertations explaining and encapsulating everything about their writing style and habits.

I wanted writers to reveal one facet, piece of the puzzle, or tantalizing tidbit about their writing life for us to examine under our voyeuristic microscopes.

They did not disappoint.

Each entry, whether prose or poem, includes a glimmer, a glimpse, a glance, a nod, or a wink to a snippet, a tip, a technique, a why, a where, a how, a when, a what, a pleasure, a joy, or a challenge of writing.

You can find links to all submissions HERE and HERE.

Narrowing the field to three (3) semi-finalists was beyond my ken; I’ve included seven (7) semi-finalists on the ballot.  Now YOU (and your friends) get to cast the deciding votes.

Voting will close and the winner will be “crowned” on Valentine’s Day.  Sweet!

1.  I Write, Therefore I Am (55 words)

A writing space by any name does serve me well.
By lamplight or with sunlight streaming
Ideas flourish while I’m dreaming.
From mind to pen words quickly teeming
Pages fill with stories beaming.
In quiet or with children screaming
Cluttered desk or table gleaming
I’ve found my heaven … not to write would be my hell.

2.  Look If You Dare (100 words)

The kids are in bed. I can finally write. Where are my – ah, there are my novel notes. I read several paragraphs to get back into the story.

Did I make the car payment?

I add several sentences. I re-read and it’s awful. Delete it all.

Yes! Perfect idea!

I type eight words before stumbling into fog.

When was the field trip permission slip due? I unearth the form sent from school. Another week to procrastinate; I toss it aside.

I have the attention span of… aw, look at the adorable kitties!


Did I mention I have a blog?

3.  A Desk Without A Chair (99 words)

I write
At night in dull light
And as I kneel I feel
At a desk without a chair
With papers, pens and boxes everywhere
Typing, tapping, amid the clutter
Recording any word I utter
Hoping they flow and work well together

I hope
I cope within the scope
Of imaginary faces in distant places
And people I know and don’t in equal measure

With situations so far fetched
Etched on my mind; my imagination stretched
I write
I hope
In my mind well…

I write what I feel as I kneel
With many a tale to tell.

4.  What desk? (97 words)

I do not have a desk. If I did, something suspect would happen while my back was turned, writing. I write sitting on my bed, facing the action, while children watch television and bounce on the mattress and dogs and cats joust, and the forest whispers outside the window. A former journalist, I think it fast and write it hectically, bemoaning the lack of a decent sub editor to haul me over the coals for appalling proof reading.

No desk, but a workstation, and its particulars are recorded pictorially so as not to upset the word count.

5.  Whispering Places (29 words)

I rarely write poetry at my desk – but prefer
cafes, trains, wide open spaces,
gardens, forests, whispering places

and on dark, stormy nights,
my bed,
next to cheeky faces

6.   Comfortable Familiarity (99 words)

My desk is an essential part of my writing process. While many writers mull over ideas away from the computer, that doesn’t work for me. I must start writing. From the first 120 words or so will flow the 120,000 which may follow.

The same thing could happen, of course, with a computer anywhere else. However, it wouldn’t do as well. My desk has my comfortable chair and all reference books or accessories I might need ready to hand, Often I find it far quicker to check things in books than to search the Internet.

Clutter? No; comfortable familiarity.

7.  The Mists of Writing (90 words)

For me – writing is a little like that long forgotton actress’s footsteps as she moves into droplets of  perfume scented air.  I  hear her light step as I spray the mist of another world into the air before me and then I walk straight in, and I am gone there. The scents and stories settle around me and cling to my skin. The characters lurk about the desk, sitting on old books and sniffing at empty, long stemmed glasses. I sit at our desk for a while. Then I write.

* * * * *

OK . . . let the voting begin!  The list below is displayed in RANDOM order ~ find the TITLE of your favorite and CLICK IT.

Voting will close at noon, EST (Eastern Standard Time), on Valentine’s Day

The more the merrier . . . invite your friends around to vote for you or your favorite.  As promised, voting will be transparent.  Everyone will be able to see where their favorites stand in percentile rank at any time.

Once voting closes, I’ll announce the final official tally and “crown” the winner.

In the meantime . . .

Thanks to ALL the writers, photographers, researchers, and artists who fueled our imaginations with enticing images and imagery!

* From desks we covet . . .

To those we cover . . .

From external landscapes . . .

* To internal mindscapes . . .

* To pages we create . . .

* From cozy cushioned couches . . .

Adorned with plump turquoise pillows . . . 

* From armchairs hung over with “Thotful Spot” signs . . . 

* To inviting kitchen tables . . .

* With muses looking over our shoulders . . .

* We master the art of juggling images and imagery . . .

Aah . . . that’s better!  

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