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Elementary, My Dear Watson February 1, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Books & Movies, Fiction, Mindfulness.

Wikipedia ~ A Study in Scarlet (Public Domain)

I am drawn to TV shows that do one of two things:  (1) make me laugh, or (2) make me think.

At present, my favorite thinking show is Elementary ~ a modern day Sherlock Holmes solving crimes in New York City with his sidekick, Dr. Watson.

As first envisioned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes is a deductive genius with a variety of interests, hobbies, and pursuits that assist him in investigations.

He is smarter than anyone he’s ever met, and not afraid to say so.

Doctor Joan Watson is a surgeon who left the practice of medicine and became an addictions companion, retained to keep addicts sober.

Sherlock’s wealthy father hired Dr. Watson to increase the odds that Sherlock would not tumble back into a drug induced stupor.  Holmes and Watson live and work side by side, without romantic entanglement.

Each episode presents a perplexing puzzle for Holmes, as consultant to the NYPD, to solve ~ often (but not always) with assistance from Watson.

While Sherlock solves crimes, Watson focuses on unlocking the mystery of Holmes himself.  To that end, each show reveals another sliver of Sherlock’s complex, unique, and quite private persona to Watson (and us).

Elementary airs in the US on Thursday nights.  This week, CBS will broadcast a bonus episode following the Super Bowl.

* * * * *

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day!  Whether Phil sees his shadow or not, I’ll announce the finalists of The Writer’s Desk Contest and open the vote!

Feel free to invite your friends, fans, and followers to vote for you or your favorite ~ throughout the vote, we’ll be able to see the percentile ranks for each finalist.

Once voting closes, I’ll announce the final tally and “crown” the winner . . . who’ll receive my copy of The Writer’s Desk by Jill Krementz.

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. sweetdaysundertheoaks - February 1, 2013

CH would love that Nancy and I think I might too!
Hey that video, started out small and got ginormous when I hit publish. Couldn’t edit it. Am I dreaming, doesn’t BFF play guitar?

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

It’s a terrific show. I noted the large size of the video on your last post and wondered about how you managed to make it so BIG.

BFF doesn’t play the guitar, but I do. I started in high school and still pick it up from time to time.

2. Don - February 1, 2013

Sounds marvellous. I wish we had it here.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

It’s currently airing in the US, Canada, and the UK. Broadcasts start in Australia this Sunday. With New Zealand soon to follow.

So . . . soon, perhaps?

3. ericjbaker - February 1, 2013

Love Elementary! Great casting and clever writing.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

The cast is perfect . . . the dialogue moves things along with no reiteration . . . and, if there are plot holes, they aren’t big enough to drive a truck through. 😀

4. diannegray - February 1, 2013

Start in Australia this Sunday, I hear you say… I’ll be watching 😀

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

As crime dramas go, this one is more cerebral and less bloody than most, although there are squeamish moments at times. 😯

5. Grannymar - February 1, 2013

Nancy, I enjoyed reading all the entries for the competition and look forward to discovering the ‘short-listers’ tomorrow. There are some very talented word smiths among them.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

Thanks, Grannymar. I agree. It’s been tough choosing the semi-finalists ~ all the submissions intrigued me.

6. katecrimmins - February 1, 2013

I love elementary because at least so far, it’s not a soap opera. There is character development but it’s not sappy.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

Yes. That’s my biggest gripe against most TV dramas . . . they start with strong, stand alone episodes and devolve into soap operas focused on the characters embroiled in a never-ending plot.

7. ryoko861 - February 1, 2013

I watch USA Network alot and have seen previews to that show. I always wondered what it was about, but I’m not a big Lucy Lu fan. Something about her bothers me. She’s not pretty and I don’t think she’s that great an actress. I guess I just answered my own question. Anyway, I’m going to check out an episode now that you’ve explained alittle more about it.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

Well, you’ll have your chance after the Super Bowl if you’re interested. Lucy Liu is a very sober “sober companion.” But Sherlock Holmes isn’t full of fluff and nonsense either. They suit each other. 😀

8. Patricia - February 1, 2013

I don’t have a Tv but if I did this sounds like something I would watch.

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

I don’t know if you can watch episodes over the net or not. I did watch an episode of The Mentalist on the CBS website, so maybe.

9. bluebee - February 1, 2013

The series starts here Sunday evening – looking forward to this version, particularly as it is set in NYC 😀

nrhatch - February 1, 2013

There aren’t many TV shows that appeal to me . . . this one always entertains. Hope you enjoy it, BB.

10. yogaleigh - February 2, 2013

I’m a fan too. Having also been a fan of Eli Stone I’m really impressed with Jonny Lee Miller’s ability to portray such different characters so well (and in different accents!). As someone above said, I haven’t previously been a big Lucy Liu fan either (though i don’t care what actors look like…) but I really think she’s good in this.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

She’s the right blend of concerned and questioning . . . without being intrusive. She gives Sherlock the space that he needs when he needs it. She’s just right as Dr. Watson.

yogaleigh - February 2, 2013


11. Perfecting Motherhood - February 2, 2013

I’ve been considering watching that show but I’m not sure if I have time for it. I can barely keep up with the few series I watch online, but this one sure looks interesting.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

Other than Downton Abbey, this is my favorite show on TV right now. I used to say that about The Mentalist and then about Person of Interest, but both have become a too focused on the characters. Not exactly soap operas yet . . . but headed in that direction. Time will tell whether Elementary heads down the same path. But, for now, the episodes tend to stand on their own.

Perfecting Motherhood - February 2, 2013

Thanks, I’ll check it out. I think all series levitate towards the center eventually, as people start caring more about the characters. Then we don’t like the characters so much when we know them well and we stop watching…

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

That happened a bit with Downton Abbey in Season 3. As we learned MORE about the characters, we began to like them LESS.

12. colonialist - February 2, 2013

I should watch out for it, but I am prejudiced against it before I start by being irritated by shows which base on older themes – surely they could have done the same thing better by having this character as an admirer of the fictional Holmes and who puts his methods into practice?

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

I wondered whether it would ring true . . . but it does.

The show is set in a different time period and location, but is far less fanciful and far-fetched than the recent Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. When Downey tosses Jude Law’s bride off the train . . . into a waiting boat . . . due to perfect timing . . . I had to do more than suspend disbelief. 🙄

colonialist - February 2, 2013

The improbable one can swallow whole. The impossible takes a lot of chewing.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

And that’s just one example of the patently improbable.

Elementary features deductive reasoning and sleuthing, without fanciful flights of fantasy causing characters to be jettisoned off moving trains into gorges below.

13. Martin - February 2, 2013

I have the full set of the original Sherlock Holmes stories by Conan Doyle – they are always a fascinating read 🙂

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

His tales are terrific. I read more than a few, starting in my teens. The Hound of the Baskervilles always stayed with me.

14. Tori Nelson - February 2, 2013

I still haven’t watched the show even though I say how interesting it looks every time I see a commercial!

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

Well, they’ll be trolling for new viewers directly after the Super Bowl . . . hoping to snag new fans from folks who are too bloated from super-sized bowls of Super Bowl snacks to reach around and find the remote. :mrgreen:

15. William D'Andrea - February 2, 2013

I myself have written a Sherlock Holmes story; titled “The Case of the Dreadful Poet.” It’s actually a fan fiction crossover with “Angel.”

The Famous Detective and Doctor Watson investigate a murder, which occurs in Victorian London, at the time when Spike first becomes a vampire.

If anyone would like to check it out, please go to http://www.figment.com/books /373818-The-Case-of-the-Dreadful-Poet

I wrote it trying to copy the style of late 19th Century Victorian English Novels, but hopefully without the heaviness. Since the story in narrated by Dr. Watson, it’s written with a cultured, English accent.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

Thanks for the link. Hope some intrepid detectives head over to investigate. 😀

16. Barbara Backer-Gray - February 2, 2013

I’ve seen previews for this show. I’m curious, but I’ll wait until the seasons are for sale a the Half Price Book Store.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

I often wait for movies and shows to come out on DVD so I can rent them on Netflix. Especially with a series like Downton, it’s lovely to be able to watch an entire season in just a few days.

Barbara Backer-Gray - February 2, 2013

Yes, I’ve been looking out for Downton Abbey, too. So far no luck. Apparently nobody wants to part with it:-)

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

I expect that many fans of Downton will hang on to the DVD’s for a time ~ to watch over and over again. For me, once is usually enough.

Good luck finding finds at the Half Price Book Store.

Barbara Backer-Gray - February 2, 2013

thanks. I actually watch good series over and over. Especially because it can take years to find the next season of a show at the Half Price Book Store. By then I feel I have to watch the previous seasons again first.

nrhatch - February 2, 2013

I just gave you a possible idea for your collection of raft books.

17. Three Well Beings - February 3, 2013

We love Elementary, also! I do enjoy it very much, but I must say that my husband is so crazy about it I have to smile. He worked nights for most of his career and hardly ever watched television because of his schedule. To see him so thoroughly enjoy this show gives me a double pleasure. It is really well done, though, isn’t it? Lucy Liu as Watson is a nice twist! 🙂

nrhatch - February 3, 2013

My first reaction was, “WATSON, a woman?! How peculiar.” But her professional demeanor meshes and melds well with his oddities and eccentricities. And it’s so lovely to have a Sherlock Holmes who is NOT a “super hero” like in the Downey/Law movies. I like him relying on his WITS rather than his BRAWN to solve crimes.

18. shreejacob - February 3, 2013

This sounds totally intriguing and I love mystery sort of series like these…as usual it’s not screening when I am 😦 Oh well…one can either hope or go on YouTube! 😉

nrhatch - February 3, 2013

I’m looking forward to watching an episode tonight after the Super Bowl. Hope I can stay awake.

19. Christine Grote - February 22, 2013

I’m hooked on this show too, although I have to DVR it. I can’t seem to stay awake past nine these days.

nrhatch - February 22, 2013

I expect you’re “early to bed, early to rise” . . . I’m a “night owl” and am usually “bright eyed and bushy tailed” while watching Sherlock and Watson.

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