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Red Bubble . . . for the Artist in You January 7, 2013

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Less IS More.


Have you ever toyed with the idea of selling your photographs or paintings on-line to finance your chocolate addiction or shoe collection?

Setting up a Virtual Art Gallery is less of a risk than opening a store in Soho or Mayfair, but it still requires time, effort, and commitment to create a website, advertise, deal with customers, take orders, prepare inventory, deal with customers, process orders, pack orders, track orders, deal with customers, ship orders, keep the books, deal with customers, maintain tax records, etc.

Did I mention it takes time, effort, planning, and commitment?


What if you could upload digital images of your work to a site that takes care of all those mundane details for you . . . leaving you free to “just be”?

You can!

Paula (Reflections From A Cloudy Mirror and Reflected Glory) set up a Virtual Photography Studio on Red Bubble a few months back to sell her photos as t-shirts, posters, stickers, hoodies, greeting cards, and prints.

Soon, she and Ashley will be living the “high life” . . . near Asheville, NC.

Another blogging friend, Milka Pejovic, has her Virtual Gallery on Zazzle to sell nature photography as coasters, posters, mousepads, and calendars.

Like Red Bubble, you can set up shop on Zazzle for FREE.


Once you’ve set up your Virtual Shop . . . you can create and enjoy the fruits (and chocolates) of your creations while someone else packs, tracks and ships your wares.

Aah . . . that’s better!