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It’s A Wrap! December 31, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Home & Garden, Humor.

Wikipedia ~ Aluminum Foil (in Public Domain)

Aluminum Foil has been a mainstay in kitchens for decades.

And not just for keeping food fresh by acting as a barrier to light and oxygen and all manner of unpleasant odors.

Other uses abound:

* Sharpen scissors by swiping them once through 7 layers of foil.  Using 8 layers would probably work too.  No guarantees if you only use 6.

* Get into the Guinness Book of World Records by making the world’s largest foil ball.   Richard Roman of Alliance, Ohio set the current record in 1987.  The weight of his ball . . . 1,615 pounds.  Wow!  That’s a lot of chocolate wrappers.  I wonder how much Richard weighs?

* Toss a small crumpled ball of foil into the dryer with wet clothes to prevent static electricity from infiltrating your clothes.  Don’t toss aluminum foil into your microwave unless you want to see sparks fly.

* Next year will be the 100th year anniversary of the first commercial use of aluminum foil in the United States.  In 1913, it was used for Life Savers candy wrappers and also as ID leg bands for racing pigeons.

Wikipedia ~ Tin Foil Hat (in Public Domain)

* Make a tin foil hat to keep aliens in UFO’s from reading and controlling your thoughts.

Foil is an effective foil against alien mind readers because it reflects 98% of all light rays and more than a few electro-magnetic rays.

Plus it acts as a placebo . . . giving peace of mind to paranoid people.

* Unlike other wraps, tin foil can often be reused.  Clean with soapy water, rinse, dry, and smooth out.

* If your brown sugar is hard as a rock, wrap the brick in foil and bake at 300 degrees for 5 minutes to soften it back up.

Then bake cookies!  C’mon . . . the oven’s already pre-heated.  You can start your diet tomorrow.  Next Tuesday at the latest.  😉

Aah . . . that’s better!

* * * * *

 Well . . . that about wraps up another year of blogging fun on SLTW.

Thanks for visiting, reading, commenting, linking, liking, sharing, and caring about the eclectic topics we discuss . . . as Spirit Lights The Way.

Happy New Year!

Stay Tuned for tomorrow’s post:  The Writer’s Desk ~ A Contest Giveaway!!!


1. Carl D'Agostino - December 31, 2012

Father still calls it tin foil. And his socks are stockings.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Your dad is in good company. Tin was KING until Aluminum arrived on the scene . . . lighter weight, less inclined to rust, etc.

I call it “Reynolds Wrap” . . . whatever the brand on hand. Just as I refer to tissues as “Kleenex” (no doubt, infringing on Kimberly-Clark’s trademark), copies as “Xeroxes,” and colas as “Coke.” .

2. nuvofelt - December 31, 2012

Wow, wish I’d known about that tin hat before now. All those thoughts already stolen by aliens. Why didn’t you blog this sooner?


Keep up the good work.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Thanks, nuvofelt! We should start a trend . . . aluminum caps, hats, macs, and umbrellas. 😉

BTW: Burt Wolf says that how we live on New Year’s Eve sets the stage for the coming year. So . . .

On this fine day, be of good cheer
Set a positive tone for the coming year
Laugh when you can, eat when you must
Take out the trash, and sweep up the dust
Greet the new year with a smile and you’ll see
That happiness abounds when we “just be.”

Happy New Year!

3. Hudson Howl - December 31, 2012

They’ve even marriage’d aluminum foil and duct tape. Ah the wonder of it all.

Happy New and shtufffs

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Thanks, Hudson! Duct Tape, oftened mispronounced these days as Duck Tape, was originally called Duck Tape. Because water rolled off it . . . like rolling off a Duck’s back.

Quack, quack, quack, quack. 😆

Happy New Year . . . keep a smile on your face today
And all good things will come your way.

4. sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 31, 2012

Fascinating foil! Interesting what Burt Wolf says. I am going to “just be” and do it happily and with a smile and a light heart and an anxiety free brain!! Thanks Nancy for a year of SLTW! It and you have done more for me than you will ever know. CH’s chocolate chip cookies are in the plan for today.. 🙂

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Thank you, Pix. What a lovely thing to hear on the last day of the year . . . definitely put a smile on my face. 😎

Now, pass me one of CH’s delectable cookies! :mrgreen:

sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 31, 2012

You would love them Nancy! He makes them without flour and they have the most unique consistency.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Well . . . in that case . . . pass me TWO cookies! 😀

5. ryoko861 - December 31, 2012

What if I don’t want to use 8 layers? What if I want to use 9 or 10? Maybe I like to shred foil. And make pretty tinsel out of it. Or cover Dixie cups and make little bells? Or just wade it up and throw it at my cat.
I actually recycle the foil I use. Provided it’s clean enough, we have a can out back that we throw all our aluminum in. You’d be surprised how much you can accumulate. Aluminum is worth more than sheet metal in scrap. You can get a pretty penny per pound! It’s up there with copper and bronze!

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Great ideas, Irene . . . especially wadding it up to “exercise” the cat. We toss our aluminum in the recycle bin too. But maybe we should keep it separate and sell it for a pretty copper penny.

Happy New Year!

ryoko861 - December 31, 2012

Helps the environment. You could scrap it for more than a pretty copper penny. Add any aluminum cans as well. I think my son got about $40 or $50 from his last stash. And it was just a garbage can size.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Wow! Good to know. I’m going to see if there is somewhere around here that buys aluminum.

$40-$50 would help our chocolate budget. :mrgreen:

6. Andra Watkins - December 31, 2012

Lucky 2013, Nancy. I’m off to make a tin foil hat…….

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

I believe that I shall do the same . . . and wear it to the New Year’s Eve Gala on the beach! It’ll reflect the fireworks bursting overhead and protect my hair from falling cinders. :mrgreen:

7. spilledinkguy - December 31, 2012

It’ll do in a pinch for a paint palette, too (although those pieces take some dry-time before they can be worn again)!

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Aluminum foil would be a good look for you, SIG! All shiny and reflective . . . and spreading around great insights.

Happy New Year! 😀

spilledinkguy - December 31, 2012

It might even remind me to keep my head out of the microwave! 😉

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

That’s a good plan, SIG. Microwaves tend to scramble brain waves . . . not good. 😯

8. ericjbaker - December 31, 2012

Drakes Cakes went downhill after they stopped wrapping their products in foil and went with plastic. Now they’re gone. Coincidence?

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Good point. Ring Dings tasted MUCH BETTER when wrapped in foil. The plastic made them taste bland.

9. seeker - December 31, 2012

Not only it sharpens the knife, it gave me tin foil cut. Ouch. Trying to bake a ham is just not my kind of fun. I rather wear the foil on my head.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Watch out for that foil . . . it can be quite aggressive when provoked.

10. ApplePieAndNapalm - December 31, 2012

I happen to know that there are a zillion tin foil balls under my fridge from my kitties that bat them under there during their tin foil ball competitions.

nrhatch - December 31, 2012

Tigger’s thing is plastic rings . . . he swats them under things for us to retrieve “at a later date.” 😉

11. We won something!! | Apple Pie & Napalm - December 31, 2012

[…] Spirit Lights The Way […]

12. sufilight - December 31, 2012

Keeping aliens from reading and controlling my thoughts sounds like a good plan. LOL. Now,my sweetheart may ask you why did you put these thoughts in my head as now he has to see me walking around with a tin foil hat. 😉

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

Oooh . . . please post a picture of you in your stylish tin foil cap! :mrgreen:

13. sufilight - December 31, 2012

Could you edit the typo “sweetheart”, please… I am typing too fast and making errors. Wish we could edit comments for a few minutes after submitting a comment. We have this option in a writer’s community I am member of.

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

WP has been misbehaving for me for the past 24 hours. It’s been virtually impossible for me to get “behind the scenes” to do any editing. Finally got in and fixed your “slip” for you.

Not sure whether I’ll be able to edit posts or write new ones until this glitch is fixed.

sufilight - January 1, 2013

Thanks for the edit!

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

Now, WP is behaving a bit better . . . but I’m locked out of my e-mail account. Great way to start the new year . . . NOT! 😦

14. colonialist - January 1, 2013

How to foil someone!
And what do you do exactly to swipe (but not steal) scissors?

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

Very care~foil~y. :mrgreen:

colonialist - January 1, 2013

Oh, dear! 🙂
What I am asking is what they mean by ‘swipe’? Just cut? Or runthrough avoiding the edge touching?

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

I assumed that one “swipe” meant to cut through 7 layers of foil one time to sharpen the blade ~ with the blades running through the foil.

15. jannatwrites - January 1, 2013

I think you were wearing your horns when you wrote this…suggesting baking cookies at a time when many are going to swear off sweets (for a day or two maybe) as a resolution 🙂

nrhatch - January 1, 2013

Everything in moderation . . . except cookies and chocolate. 😉

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