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It’s National Fruitcake Month! December 22, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Health & Wellness, Humor.

For those few of you who are sad that Christmas will soon be behind us, instead of in front of us, cheer up!  There’s plenty more to celebrate:

* December is National Fruitcake Month AND National Eggnog Month.  How’s that for a two-for?


* If you missed National Cookie Day (12/4) and National Maple Syrup Day (12/17), you still have time to celebrate National Candy Cane Day (12/26).  And, best of all, you Save Big if you procrastinate . . . boxes of candy canes go on sale for 1/2 price the day after Christmas.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  

Don’t feel like shopping the day after Christmas?  Grab a couple of candy canes or peppermint sticks off the tree and hold them in abeyance. 

* New Year’s Eve + Over-Indulgence = Perfect Together!  Enough said.  If you have “wee ones” who want in on the FUN or toasting in the New Year, here’s a Mocktail idea for them:  fill a plastic champagne flute halfway with cherry, cranberry, or grape juice and top off with ginger ale, sparkling water, or 7-up.  Garnish with a sliced strawberry or lemon twist.

* New Year’s Day gives you a chance to change the road you’re on . . . even if you have one foot in the grave.  “I hereby resolve to Be Healthy.” 


* Want to increase your chance of good fortune and prosperity in the New Year?  Serve Black Eyed Peas or Hoppin’ John (black eyed peas, rice, and pork) on New Year’s Day.  Add some greens for even more prosperity.

* If your resolutions include losing weight . . . your luck is already changing for the better.  January is National Soup Month and soup is a dieter’s best friend.  It fills you up without filling you out.

* Resolved to improve your heart health?  January is National Oatmeal Month.  You might have missed National Cookie Day, but National Oatmeal Month is the perfect time to bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  Yummy!

* Want to quit smoking?  Increase your chances by eating more fruits and veggies.  The natural sugars in fruit may counteract nicotine cravings by releasing dopamine, a brain neurotransmitter that induces pleasure.  You’re also less likely to relapse when you eat whole, unprocessed foods, which are natural mood boosters.  And drink water.  Lots of it.

* You can extend the holidays well into January by celebrating National Spaghetti Day (1/4/13), National Popcorn Day (1/19/13), and National Peanut Butter Day (1/24/13). 

* And let’s not forget February . . . Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day.

Why, before you know it, August will be here, bringing all things Christmas with it.  In the meantime, if you need to speak with S. Claus, that Jolly Old Elf, you’ll find him on the beach . . .


Aah . . . that’s better!


1. colonialist - December 22, 2012

Hmmmm. When is National Chocolate day? Or, preferably, let’s make this National Chocolate Year. Or Decade … Oh, let’s just settle for Century!
I must admit I love fruitcake. I am what I eat?

Andra Watkins - December 22, 2012

National Chocolate Day is every day in our house. 🙂

colonialist - December 22, 2012

That’s the spirit! (Or would be, if we’re talking chocolate liquor.)

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

I bought some chocolate wine recently . . . not really expecting to enjoy it, but curious. It was better than expected . . . like a chocolate “Bailey’s Cream.”

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

I stumbled across the celebration list for December and January and was too busy eating chocolate to find out when National Chocolate Month or National Chocolate Day is celebrated.

In any event, we celebrate International Chocolate Lovers Day most days of the year. Occasionally, we give it a rest. But seldom.

colonialist - December 22, 2012

Way to go!

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

Chocolate . . . here today, gone today. :mrgreen:

2. Tori Nelson - December 22, 2012

Ha! “August will be here, bringing all things Christmas with it.” Pretty soon it will be All Christmas All The TIme. To celebrate (with a hint of laziness) I’m just going to leave the tree and stockings up.

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

Once, I left my Santa collection out until March to keep me company through the dark, cold, snowy winter . . . due to S.A.D., I couldn’t muster the necessary enthusiasm to pack them up and put them away). 😉

3. sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 22, 2012

I am all for National Spaghetti Day as long as there are meataballahs and we love our fruitcake with butter of course.. 🙂

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

There is always something good to celebrate ~ spaghetti is a great reason to celebrate! Mangia.

No holiday? No problem. Make one up. I hereby declare it National Read-A-Book Day! Yay! 😎

sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 22, 2012

Well I will be doing that today for sure! Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man. Recommended by my Sis-in-Law.

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

That’s an intriguing title, Pix. 😉

4. seeker - December 22, 2012

Thanks for cheering me up this a.m. Exactly what I need this morning.

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

National Fruitcake Month + Monkeys = Happy!

5. ryoko861 - December 22, 2012

You could have a lot of fun with these “days” during the January and February months! No reason NOT to have a party!

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

Exactly! There is ALWAYS something to celebrate! 😎

6. ericjbaker - December 22, 2012

Hatch, when I sent you that greeting card with photos of me and my family on the front, I didn’t intend for you to use it as the lead image in today’s post. You’ll be hearing from my lawyer.

By the way, I don’t have a lawyer, so might you be available? If so, please send a cease and desist letter to yourself about that picture.


nrhatch - December 22, 2012

Dear Mr. Monkey Face Chimpanzee ~

Stop being such a Fruitcake . . . it’s FREE publicity!


Three Laughing Zebras (who have overindulged in Egg Nog)

ericjbaker - December 22, 2012

Sorry. We chimps can be overly emotional. Can’t you tell from the picture? We’re all over the place!

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

Looking at those expressive expressions makes me question the sanity of people who refuse to acknowledge that animals “feel real emotions.”

Talk about Fruitcakes! 😀

7. kateshrewsday - December 22, 2012

Ah, Nancy, always looking on the bright side of life 😀 So much to anticipate. Off to make a luscious fruitcake.

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

What can I say? I’m selfish. Spreading light and laughter feels so much better than spreading doom and gloom. :mrgreen:

Enjoy your baking . . . make sure you sample the brandy before soaking your fruit.

8. ApplePieAndNapalm - December 22, 2012

LOL, where I live, every day is fruitcake day, and not in the best way, either.

nrhatch - December 22, 2012

They. Are. Out. There. 😯

9. Perfecting Motherhood - December 23, 2012

I can say why Buddy the Elf loves December: national cookie month, national maple syrup month and national candy cane month? Is there sugar in any of those? Then yes, he LOVES them!

nrhatch - December 23, 2012

We watched the tail end of Buddy the Elf a few nights ago . . . he is SWEET! 😀

Perfecting Motherhood - December 23, 2012

It’s our favorite Christmas movie at our house. I think we’ve watched it 3 times so far this season and the kids can’t stop laughing.

nrhatch - December 23, 2012

Wish I could borrow your kids and their laughter for a few hours . . . nothing like young kids giggling to make the season merry and bright.

10. sufilight - December 23, 2012

This made me chuckle. We can now make an excuse to have a celebration all year round! 😀

nrhatch - December 23, 2012

Yes! CELEBRATE Good Times, C’mon! 😀

11. Pocket Perspectives - December 23, 2012

Hey, I’m not doing nearly enough celebrating!…all those National “this and that” days…so many opportunities I’ve missed out on! 😀

nrhatch - December 24, 2012

I felt the same. We missed National Cookie Day AND National Maple Syrup Day. After stepping on the scale this a.m., perhaps I should be grateful NOT to have celebrated those events. 🙄

12. pix & kardz - December 23, 2012

i am actually not a fruitcake fan, having grown up on Christmas Stollen (i think it is something similar, but still quite different). but those monkeys made my day, so let them eat cake! 🙂

nrhatch - December 24, 2012

I LOVE Stollen . . . more than traditional fruitcake. We had it every Christmas for breakfast (between the stockings and the opening of presents from under the tree). Mom used to make a loaf for us and a loaf for her father to take home. YUMMY!

13. jannatwrites - December 24, 2012

I love the oatmeal cookies for national oatmeal month. What a way to make a healthy food not-so-healthy (but cookies do taste better :))

nrhatch - December 24, 2012

Aah . . . but the reverse is also true. It makes a not-so-healthy food just a bit healthier. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😉

14. viviankirkfield - December 25, 2012

This was a much needed post, Nancy! Full of fun…and great information as well.:) I linked it to my Christmas Day post.
Have a Merry Christmas…and a Happy and Healthy and Joyous New Year!
National Popcorn Day? Now that’s what I’m talking about.:)

nrhatch - December 25, 2012

Thanks, Vivian! Happy National Popcorn Day . . . it’s almost here. 😀

15. Merry Christmas to All…More or Less « Positive Parental Participation - December 25, 2012
16. Arlee Bird - December 28, 2012

There sure were a lot of candy canes on sale in Walmart today as we strolled through on our morning walk. They either had too many in stock or people around here just don’t buy them that much.

We picked up a fruitcake when we were visiting in Texas at the end of July. I had my fill then.

nrhatch - December 28, 2012

Candy Canes always seem to be present at after-Christmas sales. I loved them as a kid. Now, I’m happy to leave them for others. Glad you got your fill of fruitcake for the year.

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