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Seasons Change December 7, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Humor.

As the Seasons Change in Florida, we deck the halls with beach apparel . . .


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1. Allan G. Smorra - December 7, 2012

Funny idea, I like it.

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Thank, Allan. Historic Bridge Street enjoys pulling out all the stops (and flip flops) while decorating. πŸ˜€

2. ApplePieAndNapalm - December 7, 2012

Great idea!! It’s raining in my world, we are in a drought and need it, but I am counting down to Spring.

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

I used to count down to Spring . . . starting in late October. It took its time to arrive.

3. ryoko861 - December 7, 2012

Sure, why not?

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Exactly. Why not? 😎

4. ericjbaker - December 7, 2012

I’m getting shivers just looking at that icy winter landscape.

Do you need a spare bottle of sunscreen, er, I mean a nice fluffy coat to keep your warm this holiday season?

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Sunscreen would be nice ~ great stocking stuffer for those who rarely wear stockings. 😎

ericjbaker - December 7, 2012

You’ll need those stockings for all that snow… Hey, that snow looks suspiciously like sand. Hmmm…

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Hee hee hee! πŸ˜‰

5. Pat - December 7, 2012

Wonderful interpretation. I love the flip flops. I also did southern Florida.

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Thanks, Pat. I’ll swing by and check it out.

6. kateshrewsday - December 7, 2012

Will it come complete with sunshine? Because if it does, I’ll take it!

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Come on down, Kate! There’s plenty of sunshine to go around.

7. Carl D'Agostino - December 7, 2012

Itsa Key Westy kinda thing.

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Or a Gulf Coast kinda thing. 😎

8. tricia linden - December 7, 2012

I can relate. I used to live in southern California and spent some time in Hawaii. Christmas decorations take on a new twist in the tropics.

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

It is definitely a different kind of twist. 😎

9. Adam S - December 7, 2012


nrhatch - December 7, 2012

It took a LONG time to get here. πŸ˜€

Adam S - December 7, 2012

I’d tell you that I’m *right behind you*, but I think it’ll be a LONG time before I can say that truthfully!

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

My sister was smart . . . she moved to Florida right after college. It took me 28 years to get here.

“We took the long way home.”

10. Three Well Beings - December 8, 2012

How clever…and perfect for Florida! Festive in a very appealing way! πŸ™‚

nrhatch - December 8, 2012

I shall share more Florida Holiday Decor . . . unless I get sidetracked. πŸ˜‰

Last night we went to an Old Fashioned Village Christmas at the Village of the Arts (where we went to the Day of the Dead festival). I snapped only a few shots. I’ll try to do better in the coming weeks.

11. jannatwrites - December 8, 2012

This is a fun idea – I like it!

nrhatch - December 8, 2012

My favorite wreaths here are decorated with brilliant sanddollars and starfish. Simple.

12. sufilight - December 8, 2012

Fun! Have never seen this style of decoration. πŸ˜€

nrhatch - December 8, 2012

It caught my eye right away. Palm trees are also strung with lights at this time of year ~ we do what we can, with what we have, where we are. 😎

13. sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 8, 2012

Works for me! Love the flip flops!! We have a boating Santa on our tree. Well not this year cause I don’t have a tree up yet and probably won’t mess with them this year. I do have Mom’s ceramic tree out and it is just right.. πŸ™‚

nrhatch - December 8, 2012

Thanks, Pix! Sometimes less is more . . . even when we are “decking the halls.” If decorating for the holidays feels like another “To Do,” we can give ourselves permission “To Don’t.”

Enjoy your mom’s tree. πŸ˜€

14. eof737 - December 11, 2012

Very interesting decorations… Palm tree with slippers. πŸ˜†

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