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Everlasting Happiness December 5, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Happiness, Life Balance, Mindfulness.

Thoughts on happiness:

(1) Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

(2) People who have a positive attitude about their past, enjoy the present, and focus on goals for the future are the happiest.  A sense of well-being depends on having a balance between these elements. ~ Science Daily

(3) Happiness for external reasons (especially hedonistic pleasures) can always be taken away. It is happiness for “no reason” that we want to cultivate.

Thubten Yeshe ~ Wikipedia (Fair Use)

(4) ‎Without understanding how your inner nature evolves, how can you possibly discover eternal happiness?

Where is eternal happiness?

It’s not in the sky or in the jungle; you won’t find it in the air or under the ground.

Everlasting happiness is within you, within your psyche, your consciousness, your mind.

That’s why it’s important that you investigate the nature of your own mind.

~ Lama Thubten Yeshe

(5) Happiness is NOT having MORE . . . it’s being content with LESS and knowing when Enough is Enough.

(6) There is a Tibetan saying: “at the door of the miserable rich man sleeps the contented beggar.” The point of this saying is not that poverty is a virtue, but that happiness does not come from wealth ~ it comes from setting limits to one’s desires, and living within those limits with satisfaction.  ~ His Holiness The Dalai Lama

(7) Many writers, poets, and artists are tortured souls. Looking for truths to share, they see vast gaping holes between the illuminated windows.  In time, that darkness becomes “too much” to bear.

When we hold on to things that cause us pain, stress and unnecessary suffering, we follow their lead.  Just for today, let them go.  Allow yourself to be stress-free and happy.

(8) When we’re in the flow of life:  Chaos recedes. Harmony prevails. Peace surfaces. Happiness reigns.

(9) Every new moment gives us the chance to choose not to dwell on the negatives by embracing the positives.

After all, if kids with cancer can laugh and smile and sing and dance and  be silly . . .  can’t we?

Aah . . . that’s better!

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1. sweetdaysundertheoaks - December 5, 2012

Good Morning Nancy! A good post to start my Wednesday.. 🙂

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Something to balance out the last post. 😀

2. kateshrewsday - December 5, 2012

Needed this today, Nancy 🙂 Thank you! And for the link….most appreciated…

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Watching that video makes me beam from ear to ear. They are happy in THIS moment . . . and that’s all we can ever ask for.

3. Andra Watkins - December 5, 2012

It’s always good to just stop and be.

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Breathe. Relax. Repeat. Aah . . . that’s better. 😀

4. seeker - December 5, 2012

Namaste. #9, speaks volume to me today. Thank for this wonderful post as ever.

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Thanks, Seeker ~ #9 is a great reminder that we can only live happily ever after on a moment by moment basis.

I don’t “pretend to be happy” to garner envy, accolades, or applause, but I don’t often share “the downs of life” on cyber walls. I prefer to spread positivity around ~ even if it’s only half of the picture.

Be Here NOW. _/!\_

5. katecrimmins - December 5, 2012

I agree but would like a chance to prove that winning the lottery will not ruin my happiness!

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

It would definitely be a FUN experiment! 😀

Although watching “the filthy rich” has convinced me that having too much money may be more curse than blessing.

6. dearrosie - December 5, 2012

A post that speaks to each and every one of us especially the heartwarming video. I went through the list a second time trying to see which one spoke the most to me. They all do 🙂

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Thanks, Rosie. Every drop of happiness helps to fill the bucket.

7. Tom (Aquatom1968) - December 5, 2012

Very nice, Nancy!
I read a quote earlier that said our past is just a story, so leave it there and live in the now. Not carrying a lot of baggage around helps with the happiness!

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

I agree, Tom . . . but the pull of the past can be tenacious at times. We get tangled up in the mists of nostalgia.

8. diannegray - December 5, 2012

This is wonderful, Nancy – a great reminder for me today;)

I love the Dalai Lama quote…

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

He is such a wise old soul. And the kids in the video are too . . . their spirit shines stronger than most.

9. Right you are! | Me! Me! Me me me! - December 5, 2012

[…] are helping to pass on the invitation by mentioning it on their blogs or elsewhere (thanks Diane, Nancy and Visionkeeper, who I’m aware of, there may be more that I’m not aware of yet and I apologise […]

10. segmation - December 5, 2012

Thanks for this nice blog and I am being happy today!

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Yay! I’m glad you’re happy today. May tomorrow bring you great joy too.

11. sufilight - December 5, 2012

It’s amazing how the written word like art can put one in a nice space mentally and spiritually. Happiness is our true nature. I truly enjoyed reading this post. And THANK YOU for the pingbacks.

nrhatch - December 5, 2012

Thanks, Marie. Your posts are lovely. Perfect for spreading happiness and contentment.

12. Perfecting Motherhood - December 6, 2012

I’m about to start my list of 3 things I’m thankful for over the next 30 days. That should up my happiness level!

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

I expect it will . . . gratitude journals remind us to shine the spotlight on what’s “right” instead of fussing and fuming about what’s “wrong.”

13. theonlycin - December 6, 2012

Valuable reminders, Nancy, it’s so easy to allow oneself to let the past hurts block the present opportunities for happiness, Thank you.

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

The Science Daily article is an interesting read about the need to maintain balance between Past ~ Present ~ Future Orientation. When we’re facing unsought changes and undesired challenges, the past may call like a siren song, dashing our hopes and dreams on the rocks before they have a chance to blossom.

14. pix & kardz - December 6, 2012

what an inspiring video! thanks for the share 🙂

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

That video is a winner! St. Jude’s Children Hospital did something similar using the Beatles, “Hey Jude,” and lots of celebrities, as the centerpoint. It didn’t ring true.

15. bluebee - December 6, 2012

The things that cause us pain are instructive in the pursuit of happiness – I’d rather not have one without the other.

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

You are right, of course ~ Sorrow is the price we pay for Joy. It’s the other side of the coin.

16. jannatwrites - December 6, 2012

I had to laugh at writers being tortured souls. If being miserable was a requirement to write, I’d be doing something else with my free time! #9 stood out to me because happiness is definitely a choice. It may not always be a conscious choice, but it’s up to us, nonetheless.

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

Oh, I agree. I write because it makes me happy and almost never feels like torture. 😉

But there are dark days when introspection leads in all the wrong directions. If I hung on to THAT stuff, I’d be miserable indeed . . . and would never be able to write my way home.

17. Pocket Perspectives - December 6, 2012

Nancy, this is such a lovely post….thank you for so many special reminders, inspirations and ideas.

Pocket Perspectives - December 6, 2012

ps…I just printed this…I’m going to take it with me today and share it with others at the retreat…I find it really special. thank you, Nancy.

nrhatch - December 6, 2012

Thanks, Kathy. So glad you enjoyed the post. Have a relaxing time at the retreat.

18. Three Well Beings - December 7, 2012

I can’t possibly land on a favorite here…they are all just wonderful, and so worth thinking about beyond a quick read! I will! The video is just one more reason why it’s so important to keep a focus on what’s happening around us, not focusing on the slights and disappointments that might pull away from maintaining peace. And this time of year all the idiosyncrasies come out to play…so thank you for this gentle push back to what’s essential. 🙂

nrhatch - December 7, 2012

Yes! Here’s to Peace, Hope, Love, Joy => Happiness!

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