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A Terrible Horrible Awful Very Bad Day November 19, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Magick & Mystery, Nature, Spirit & Ego.

170px-Alice_par_John_Tenniel_30Sometimes the synchronicities we experience are decidedly unpleasant.

At least initially.  Before more of the mystery is revealed.

One magical early spring day, ten or so years ago, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather to head to Seaside Heights and Long Beach State Park in NJ.

We hopped into our small camper, an extended van, complete with bathroom and kitchen, and headed to the beach.  Swimsuits, beach chairs, suntan lotion, and Frisbees already on board.

We arrived at the beach, parked the van, grabbed the beach chairs, and headed across the sand to a ridge overlooking the waves.  There, a safe distance back from water’s edge, we sat.

The sun beamed, warming the air and us to a pleasing degree.  Almost warm enough for swimsuits, but not quite.  While we watched, the waves licked the sand with a gentle and constant caress.

A panhandling seagull caught our eye.  As we turned our attention from the sea, a rogue wave crashed over us.  It came out of nowhere, soaking us from head to feet and everywhere in between.

BFF jumped up, sputtering and spitting out salt water.  “What the hell just happened?”

“I don’t know.  I’m soaked from the neck down.”

“I’m sopping wet.  So are the towels.  I knew we should have set up the chairs farther back. ”

“But we are sitting far enough from the waves.  Look!”

IMGP2620bSure enough, the edge of the surf was a good ten feet away ~ right where it had been before the Atlantic Ocean decided to “dump on us.”

Waves lapped gently at the shore, feigning an air of innocence.

Confused, we looked around to determine what had happened during the few seconds our attention had drifted from the sea.

The people sitting on both sides of us, less than five feet away, were high and dry.  Not a splash on them.  Odder still, none appeared to have noticed what must have been a virtual tidal wave as it engulfed us in salt water.  To them, nothing was amiss.

If we hadn’t been soaked to the skin, we would have been left to believe that we had imagined the whole thing.

But we dripped with the evidence.

“C’mon.  I’m going back to the van to rinse off and put on some dry clothes.  I’ve had enough sun, sand, surf, and salt for one day.”

We gathered our chairs and trudged back to the camper to dry off and warm up, incredulous at the event that had transpired while our eyes were momentarily diverted.

Little did we know, the day wasn’t done with us yet.

A Terrible Horrible Awful Very Bad Day resumes with . . . A Necessary Necessary.


1. Don - November 19, 2012

Hell Nancy, I’m all ears.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

I hope that I can do the day justice, Don ~ for most of the day, we felt as if we’d wandered through the looking glass with Alice.

Good was bad. Bad was good. All else was topsy-turvy.

2. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 19, 2012

Me too!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Yay! A single post would not suffice to convey the day with all necessary details intact ~ those details made the day . . . and the day culminated in one of the BEST lessons I’ve ever learned.

3. colonialist - November 19, 2012

To say you have my attention would be like saying there is a lot of water in that ocean!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Oh, good! I shall strive to include all necessary facts, and no extraneous ones, as I convey the day’s unfolding.

If the necessary facts are MIA, it’s just another soggy day. 😉

colonialist - November 19, 2012

‘Just gimme the facts, ma’am; just gimme the facts.’ 🙂

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

I feel rather like Dickens as he conveyed his missive ~ Marley was dead . . . as a doornail. That essential and necessary fact had to be accepted for the coming carol to ring true.

4. aawwa - November 19, 2012

Talk about leaving me on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what happened…!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

While sitting on the edge of your seat, balanced precariously, watch out for Rogue Waves . . . that knock us off-kilter and helter-skelter, while sending logic and reason sprawling. 😉

Here’s hoping my telling of the day’s unfolding is worth the wait.

5. ericjbaker - November 19, 2012

Ooh. A cliffhanger…

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Just leap . . . and the net appears.

Oh, wait, wrong cliff.
Oops. 😉

ericjbaker - November 19, 2012


nrhatch - November 19, 2012

That’s gonna leave a mark! 😯

6. seeker57 - November 19, 2012

Tam-ta-dam-dam-da… Suspense lurks around. Is this one of those “turkey” jokes? A question for you: How do you keep a turkey in suspense? Just have to ask because Thanksgiving is coming up.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Nope. Not a turkey joke. The events of the day, while inviting disbelief, are true . . . to the best of my ability to relate them.

A gargantuan wave, unseen by anyone (including us), came out of the deep blue sea to deluge us in salty brine.

For a purpose, still to be revealed.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

If you’re after a good turkey joke, here’s my favorite:


It also answers the question of how to keep a turkey in suspense . . . put him in the deep freeze! 😆

seeker57 - November 19, 2012

Good one. The answer is “I’ll tell you tomorrow”. So guess who is the turkey. MWAH. And I am waiting for the revelation, tomorrow.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Good one! See ya tomorrow. Gobble. Gobble. 😉

7. William D'Andrea - November 19, 2012

Infinitely worse happened along the Jersey Shore, and Long Island’s South Shore, with the Hurricane and Nor’easter; but this is your post; about what you remember. If I added more, it would change the theme; and I don’t know if you’d want me to do that.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

The events I’m sharing happened in the late 90’s. Seaside Heights still boasted its pier ~ before Sandy washed it away.

The lesson we learned from the remains of the day is relevant still.

8. spilledinkguy - November 19, 2012

You are making waves with this tale, Nancy!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Waves, especially rogue waves, can be attention getting devices, eh? 😯

9. Barbara Backer-Gray - November 19, 2012

Cool. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Thanks for your interest, Barb. 😀

The Universe is a mystical magical place . . . always conspiring to benefit us in some way. Even if it has to “dump” on us to get our attention, so it can give us a gift of gold in disguise.

Barbara Backer-Gray - November 19, 2012

Now I’m REALLY curious.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Now I’m concerned that I will not manage to convey “the rest of the story” the right way ~ that people’s expectations will exceed my grasp. And I shall land *kerplop* on my fanny. 😉

10. Andra Watkins - November 19, 2012

I await the rest of this tale while holding my breath…….in case I get wet, too. 🙂

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

We’ve learned several lessons from hidden messages in water. First, a basement flood revealed that we had “too much stuff.” Then, this rogue wave taught us . . .

Oops, you’ll have to wait and see. 😉

11. nrhatch - November 19, 2012

On a related note:

For a fascinating look into the innate intelligent of water at the molecular level (both standing alone and in plants, animals, and us!), check out Hidden Messages in Water by Masuro Emoto.


12. Pocket Perspectives - November 19, 2012

How bizarre…and it’s true? The rogue wave taught you…….????… Teaching me patience??? 😀

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Yup. True. And, also, the most bizarre inexplicable happening we’ve ever experienced. Thus far.

Hearing the whisper of the still silent voice seems rather ho-hum and ordinary when compared with getting swamped by an “invisible” wave which caught us unawares and to which everyone else on the beach seemed oblivious.

13. kateshrewsday - November 19, 2012

Now I’m on tenterhooks! Sometimes there are just days that won’t behave, Nancy. That wave was spooky, though.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Quite spooky . An event which defied rationale explanation and thumbed its nose at logic and reason.

14. mpejovic - November 19, 2012

Should I start calling you Alexandra? It’s so funny because these past couple of weeks, I’ve been rereading the Alexander books with my kids and they love it. Maybe your next post will be about you not going to move, and the next one about when you used to be rich (last Sunday). 😉

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

I’m not familiar with Alexander’s tales . . . maybe I need to have a peek at them to see the parallels.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Now I follow your train of logic . . . AND I believe I read this book years and years ago . . . AND I believe that the title of it influenced the title of this post. 😀


mpejovic - November 19, 2012

I really thought that’s where you got the title from! Amazing how it stuck in your head all these years.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

I’m often amazed by ALL the stuff that’s stuck in my head. 😉

And I’m delighted that you re-introduced me to Alexander.

15. sufilight - November 19, 2012

My goodness, my brown eyes are wide open with anticipation for the rest of the story! 😀

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Here’s hoping that I do the story justice. I’m trying to relay all the essentials with as few extraneous bits as possible.

16. Tom (Aquatom1968) - November 19, 2012

How odd, Nancy; both the wave and the other people being completely oblivious (I’m sorry to say that had I been there, I may have chuckled slightly. Inwardly, of course – only because things like that happen to me at times!) Can’t wait to read the next part!

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

It’s “impossible” that no one saw what must have been a massive wave thundering ashore. Nevertheless, we saw nothing to suggest that anyone around us saw anything amiss.

In short, the aberrant event defied logical explanation ~ an average everyday mini-miracle of the soggy sort.

17. ryoko861 - November 19, 2012

This is the second blog I’ve read today with a cliff hanger. At least it gives me a reason to get up tomorrow (I know, I lead a sad existence)

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Too funny, Irene! I burst out laughing when I read that my cliff hanger might be a reason to rise on the morrow!

Set the coffee maker for 7:13 am EST. 😉

ryoko861 - November 20, 2012

Already did that! Way ahead of ya! 😀

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

You rock!

18. viviankirkfield - November 19, 2012

You are a terrific storyteller, Nancy…this is GREAT! You definitely have a wonderful way with words. 🙂
And I’m thinking that tomorrow’s installment will have to do with bathrooms…I believe a ‘necessary’ is an old term for the toilet.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Thanks, Vivian . . . I love telling stories. 😀 And you are 100% correct ~ tomorrow’s installment deals with just that sort of necessary necessary.

viviankirkfield - November 20, 2012

I’ll be sure not to miss it…I have a HILARIOUS (but it didn’t feel hilarious when it was happening) story about a ‘necessary’…I’ll have to share it in a post one day. 🙂

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

I shall keep my eyes peeled for your to-be-told tale about a necessary, Vivian. Bathroom humor can be quite amusing. 😉

19. barb19 - November 19, 2012

Wrong place, wrong time Nancy! Can’t wait to hear the continuing saga. . . 😉

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

At the time, I might have agreed. In retrospect, I don’t think so. That wave had OUR name on it..

20. Patricia - November 19, 2012

You know you are messin’ with my timer. I will have to start with you so I don’t run outta time before I hear the rest.

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

Oh, the pressure! I’ll try to make it worth your time-r adjustment. 😉

Patricia - November 20, 2012

No pressure! I know it will be worth resetting the timer if necessary.

21. Jas - November 19, 2012

oops! what more happened?

nrhatch - November 19, 2012

The day (and its details) culminated in one of the BEST lessons I’ve ever learned. I’ll share more . . . tomorrow. 😀

22. klrs09 - November 19, 2012

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day was one of my son’t very favorite books. Looking forward to part 2!

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

When Milka made reference to the Alexander books, I did a quick check on Amazon and found this title’s predecessor. It had been years since I’d read the book, but the title (most of it) must have stayed with me. 😀

23. jannatwrites - November 20, 2012

Way to do a cliffhanger (darn you!) I would love to know what else the day had in store for you, but I guess I’ll have to wait (sigh!)

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

When I first started blogging, someone suggested multi-part posts as a way to encourage repeat visits. I didn’t follow the suggestion because serial writing rarely makes me want to stick around for the next installment. Instead, I start looking for the EXIT sign.

To do this synchronistic tale justice, it needed to be broken into manageable pieces, digested one at a time. I just hope that my writing doesn’t give anyone indigestion before they reach “dessert.”

24. Three Well Beings - November 20, 2012

I can’t wait to hear more! I really can’t figure out the wave. Rogue waves happen, I know, but targeted right at you? Not your neighbors on the sand? Wow…I’ll be back! 🙂

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

The events of the day, taken together, convinced me that the unseen wall of water aimed straight for us . . . to dampen our spirits and try our patience. Since “invisible ghost waves” aren’t a “natural phenomenon,” they need not follow the laws of physics. 😀

25. Booksphotographsandartwork - November 20, 2012

I can’t wait, hurry!

nrhatch - November 20, 2012

You’re in luck, Linda. “Tomorrow” is now “Today” . . . A Necessary Necessary posted first thing this morning.

But you shall have to wait until tomorrow (Wednesday) for the pearl to be revealed.

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