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Against The Wind November 14, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Travel & Leisure.

When storms brew in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans . . . most of us retreat from the raging currents.

Not so, surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers.

While Sandy marched up the East Coast, we swung by the Gulf Coast and enjoyed watching a kitesurfer sail through the air with the greatest of ease.

Well . . . it looked easy from where we stood.  On terra firma.

The first step in being happier is . . . to decide be happier.   To find things that challenge and inspire us and enjoy them.

When we control our thoughts (rather than letting them bounce around on auto-pilot, getting into all sorts of mischief), we control our lives.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Quote:  Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it. ~ Winston Churchill

 * * * * *

We left you hanging with One Line.  Or Two.   To read Janna’s conclusion to that Trifecta Anniversary Challenge cliff-hanger . . . CLICK HERE.


1. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 14, 2012

Beautiful pictures Nancy! The clouds!!

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

Thanks, Pix. Quite a bracing day . . . wind, waves, and ocean spray. The clouds capped it off.

2. Christine Grote - November 14, 2012

We watched some wind surfers when we were in Maine one year. They sure do make it look easy, don’t they?

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

They really do . . . this kitesurfer (not a windsurfer, as I originally called him in the post) was flying over the waves, sailing into the air, then slamming back down to ride the waves again. Amazing acrobatic skills.

3. Andra Watkins - November 14, 2012

I love to watch wind surfers, and these photos are lovely, but I don’t think I could ever do it myself.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

Parasailing is more my speed. 😉

4. ryoko861 - November 14, 2012

That takes tremendous upper arm strength! I had a wind surfer with a sail! THAT was incredible to use, but this would just lift me off the board!

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

You’re right. Windsurfers and sailboarders have sails attached to the board. I fixed this post to clarify that this guy’s a kitesurfer. He didn’t get lifted off his board (it must be attached) but he was lifted 50-75 feet into the air a few times.

I wasn’t close enough to catch him in a mid-air shot.

ryoko861 - November 15, 2012

I bet it’s exhilarating, but wow, the strength you need! I didn’t even know it was called kitesurfing!

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

Yes, lots of upper body strength . . . and good shoulders!

5. gertygiggles - November 14, 2012

So vibrant you can almost smell the tang of the sea and feel the wind in your hair.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

The wind, waves, and ocean spray made for a brisk day . . . even standing on the beach, high and dry.

6. Tom (Aquatom1968) - November 14, 2012

Deciding to be happy is a great start to anything, Nancy! Come what may! However, I’d probably lose all power of thought if I went windsurfing… I lost all power of thought at a water theme park once! I’d be happy again when it’s all over though! 😀

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

I know what you mean, Tom. Amusement parks offer thrills and chills that help us to get lost in the NOW . . . beyond all thought.

I realized that this guy is a Kiteboarder, not a Windsurfer, so I fixed the post and added links to Windsurfing/Sailboarding and Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding. Maybe next time I’ll get it right. 😉

7. Tammy - November 14, 2012

Kites rise highest against the wind. I really enjoyed hearing that quote.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

I love that quote . . . puts our challenges in perspective.

8. kateshrewsday - November 14, 2012

Oh, Nancy, I love this. A beautiful athletic sport, and one of my favourites.

I saw something at the Hospital at St Cross yesterday and I thought immediately of you. Four ancient floor tiles which fit together. I strained to read the inscription. It said: “Have mynde”.

I’ll post it on FB for you to see. Mindfulness, from centuries ago.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

That’s awesome, Kate . . . Ancient Mynde~fullness. 😀

9. Piglet in Portugal - November 14, 2012

You are certainly right about the path to happiness. And looking at the photographs I’d love to have a go at kitesurfing. Having said that it would probably come in a close second behind going to the dentist

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

It is an EXTREME sport . . . lots of fatalities every year. I’m definitely content to cheer from the sidelines. 😯

Piglet in Portugal - November 15, 2012

Just joking…I’d love to try it…in my dreams 🙂

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

I knew that. Having just read your post on going to the dentist. :mrgreen:

10. barb19 - November 14, 2012

They make it all look so easy when we stand and watch – bit too ambitious for me! I like my feet on terra firma!
Great shots Nancy.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

Thanks, Barb. Me too. I’ve soared through the air in a hot air balloon, a helicopter, and a 2 seater plane . . . but hanging on to a kite for dear life is a bit beyond my comfort zone at this stage of life. 😛

11. klrs09 - November 14, 2012

Wonderful words.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

Thanks, klrs. I was delighted to find the Churchill quote to go with these pics.

12. the seeker57 - November 14, 2012

The Wind, i could actually feel that wind just by looking at the pictures. Flying a kite brings back childhood memories. Beautiful.

nrhatch - November 14, 2012

Glad it brought back some FUN memories. The last time I flew I kite, I tumbled backwards, tripped on the fire ring, and landed in the middle of the fire pit.

It wasn’t lit. Or my goose would have been cooked. 😯

the seeker57 - November 14, 2012

You are too funny. HA HA HA. *=)) I have to learn how to do those picture gizmos. Can you post a blog on how to these.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012
13. jannatwrites - November 15, 2012

So true — the first step to being happy IS deciding to be happy. If we decide it’s going to be a bad day right off the bat, it’s probably going to be a bad day.

Nice pics. I’m pretty sure kitesurfing wouldn’t look that good if I was the one doing it.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

This guy knew his way around the board. He surfed on water for a bit. Then he’d go UP, UP, and AWAY and sail through the air before swinging back down with a splash.

14. sufilight - November 15, 2012

Nice photos and message, Nancy. Even the most positive of us have our off days so messages like these always helps.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

I agree, Marie . . . sharing posts like this reminds ME to keep my own thoughts firmly in check.

15. Don - November 15, 2012

Wonderful post, Nancy.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

Thanks, Don. Perhaps if I were on the other side of the looking glass, I’d be out there kitesurfing with him. :mrgreen:

16. spilledinkguy - November 15, 2012

I have problems walking and chewing gum simultaneously… so…
something tells me this sort of thing might be a bit beyond my pay-grade!

17. nrhatch - November 15, 2012

I know what you mean . . . it’s a bit beyond my ken and capabilities too! 😀

18. nancy curteman - November 15, 2012

Nancy, you are not only philosopher, but a very good photographer. I think another thing that can be gleaned from your post is the idea that we sometimes need to risk—”Take that leap in the dark.” Be like the lowly turtle who only progresses when he sticks his neck out. Cliches? Yes. Good advice? Also Yes.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

Thanks, NC! Yes . . . we do need to stick our neck out now and then to make sure we’re heading in the right direction. 😀

19. Jas - November 15, 2012

Loved the pictures Nancy and the message that came with them.

nrhatch - November 15, 2012

Thanks, Jas. I’m impressed with the Kite flyers physical prowess . . . even if I’m not tempted to emulate him. I’ll stick with rising higher against the metaphorical wind. 😉

20. Team Oyeniyi - November 18, 2012

I love these shots Nancy. There is something captivating about the vibrancy of the kites against the threatening skies.

nrhatch - November 18, 2012

Thanks, Robyn. Kitesurfers feel the flow of wind and waves in a way I’m not likely to experience directly.. But we enjoyed the vicarious thrills, chills, and spills from watching.

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