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Inverse Proportion and Probability November 10, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, Word Play, Writing & Writers.

Murphy:  The probability of “X” fluctuates in inverse proportion to our preparedness for “X.”

Goofy: Huh?

Murphy: If you don’t want it to rain, bring an umbrella.  If you do, don’t.

Goofy: Gotcha!

* * * * *

Trifextra Weekend Challenge:  Andy Rooney created something called “The 50-50-90 rule: anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.”  We want you to give us your own probability equation.  Use whichever numbers suit you, and make it about whatever you like, but give us something to think about.  In 33 words, of course.

BTW:  I realize there are no numbers in my “probability equation.”  Blame it on Murphy . . . “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” 😉

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. http://jesterqueen.com - November 10, 2012

Oh — that’s like — If I find one thing while looking for another, the odds of finding the thing I was looking for in the first place are absolutely nil.

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Yes! Exactly. Murphy is a wise old soul. 😀

2. granny1947 - November 10, 2012


nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Hehehe . . . a giggle from granny!

3. Don - November 10, 2012

Murphy has really got it!

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Brilliant man . . . through and threw! 😉

4. Eric Storch - November 10, 2012

I wanted to do a Murphy’s Law for this weekend’s challenge, but I couldn’t work it out. Well done!

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Thanks, Eric. I’ve been known to break stretch the rules before. 😉

5. Libby - November 10, 2012

Oh – cool! A conversation between Murphy and Goofy! Very creative and the pic is perfect!!

6. Carl D'Agostino - November 10, 2012

That 50-50-90 thing sure is true.

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Isn’t it? I knew there was no way I could compete with Andy Rooney. 😉

7. Tom (Aquatom1968) - November 10, 2012

Very true, Nancy!

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Goofy seemed the perfect foil for Murphy . . . especially since he was holding an umbrella. 😉

8. judithhb - November 10, 2012

Very clever Nancy – well done!

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Not as easy as the prompt with a Naked Zombie to work off . . . so I stretched the rules to suit. 😉

9. Andra Watkins - November 10, 2012

Great creativity with the prompt, Nancy.

nrhatch - November 10, 2012

Thanks, Andra. I tried another tack first . . . but I needed a few more than 33 words. Then Murphy and Goofy popped into view.

But I’m not persuaded that I really met the intended challenge. That’s OK, I couldn’t compete with Andy Rooney anyway. He always said so much in so few words.

10. rashmenon - November 10, 2012


nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks. It’s from Murphy’s Law Class. 😉

11. Draug419 - November 10, 2012

lmao It’s funny because it’s true o__o

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, Draug. Words like “probability” and “inverse proportion” make “random chance” sound better than “dumb luck.” :mrgreen:

12. Adam S - November 11, 2012

I’d like to pass on an award to you. It’s the reader appreciation award. I can’t leave a link because it gets deleted, but if you visit the Trophies and Stuff tab on my page, you’ll find it toward the bottom. Do what you like with it, just wanted to say thanks!

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, Adam. That’s bitchin’!!! 😎

13. sufilight - November 11, 2012

HA, good one!😀

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, Marie. I’ve decided that math and writing are like oil and water . . . they don’t really mix well. 😉

14. kateshrewsday - November 11, 2012

Superb response to the challenge, Nancy! Might have to put this one on my fridge door…

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Or on your umbrella/brolly stand. 😉

kateshrewsday - November 11, 2012

I’d see it for sure then:-)

15. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 11, 2012

50-50-90! Andy Rooney, what a guy..:)

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

His wit on 60 minutes won me over . . . but a few of his books bowled me over.

16. deanabo - November 11, 2012

I enjoyed this post. Great imagination.

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, deana.

17. Stephanie B. (@B4Steph) - November 11, 2012

Having Goofy converse with Murphy is genius. Very creative.

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, Stephanie. This is one of those posts that did NOT pop into my head, fully formed. As I massaged it to get it to 33 words, Goofy appeared to question Murphy. 😀

18. Sandra - November 11, 2012

I like this one! Very clever and pretty much true!

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, Sandra. I find that things I worry about never happen . . . it’s the things that never crossed my mind that bite me in the butt. 😉

19. Rog Rites (@RogRites) - November 11, 2012

Murphy and Goofy – love it.

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Thanks, RR! The Trifextra challenges are so fun . . . because we have so few words at our disposal.

20. mpejovic - November 11, 2012

Very true about that umbrella!

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Rain around here sneaks up on us . . . from blue skies, to tropical rainfall, to blue skies in the span of a few hours.

21. jannatwrites - November 11, 2012

I like how you did this one! I really want it to rain, so I’ll grab my umbrella and wash my car, too. That should increase the odds, right?:)

nrhatch - November 11, 2012

Exactly! And water the outdoor plants too. 😉

22. Trifecta - November 12, 2012

Ha ha! I was laughing at your response, and then I saw you comment where you said, “That’s bitching!” about getting a blog award, and now I’m really cracking up. AND you got the 2011 Sexiest Blog Award? Glad you’re a Trifectan. Thanks for linking up.

nrhatch - November 12, 2012

Glad I got your giggles going this morning. 😀

Adam’s blog is “The Right to Bitch” . . . so, of course, any award he bestows must be a bitchin’ award, right?

As for the Sexiest Blog Award . . .

I created it when People magazine came out with its umpteenth Sexiest Man of the Year issue. :mrgreen:

I’m looking forward to the Anniversary Challenge. Working with Janna will be a blast!

nrhatch - November 12, 2012

Glad you mentioned the Sexiest Blog Award . . . that reminded you that I’d added Trifecta to my Blog Roll, but hadn’t added your image to my sidebar. That omission now rectified.

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