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The Art of Living November 6, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Less IS More, Mindfulness.

Wikipedia ~ Laozi (in Public Domain)

When asked about the art of living, Lao Tzu explained the Tao as follows:

I have just three things to teach:

* simplicity
* patience
* compassion

These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and in thoughts, you return to the source of being.

Patience with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.

~ Lao Tzu
Tao Te Ching

Aah . . . that’s better!

The quieter you become the more you can hear.  ~ Ram Dass

* * * * *

Susanna just posted the 8 Finalists from the Halloweensie Contest  . . .  and I’m in the running!

If you want to vote, click this link and Vote for your Favorite!

They’re all in one place . . . so it’s one stop shopping.  No clicking back and forth between blogs.  Simple, right?  So it won’t test your patience.  😉


1. Crowing Crone Joss - November 6, 2012

three things we can each develop and deepen in our self and in our daily life.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

It’s as simple as 1~2~3 . . . but not always easy to put into practice in the face of life’s challenges. If we keep bringing ourselves back to the task, we benefit ourselves and all those around us.

2. Don - November 6, 2012

Wonderful, Nancy. Imagine what would happen to the world if we all simply pursued this.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Simplicity, Patience, and Compassion. Aah . . . that’s better!

3. Tammy - November 6, 2012

It is just that simple, isn’t it?

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

It is. It’s the application to real life situations that trips us up . . . because Ego is always looking for a loop-hole or exception to the rule:

“Yes, I know we should be compassionate. But did you hear what that JERK said. HE doesn’t deserve my compassion.”

If we side-step Ego, patience and compassion arise unfettered.

4. aawwa - November 6, 2012

Beautiful words!

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Have a simple, patient, and compassionate day, aawwa. _/!\_

5. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 6, 2012

I like those three words for the art of living!

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Most people would be more patient and compassionate if they allowed life to become simple again.

It’s hard to focus on patience and compassion when we are stressed and frayed and frazzled and pulled in 6 directions at once. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. 😀

sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 6, 2012

I have been working on that!

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

I’ve been working on it for 15 years! And life is still too complicated for me. 😉

6. jannatwrites - November 6, 2012

Of course, patience comes up again. I’m still waiting 🙂 I get the simplicity part – I know things are more stressful when we have too many meetings and activities (that was last week for me.)

BTW, congrats on being a Halloweensie finalist…I voted for your ‘catty’ story!

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

When life is simple, we have more patience. When we have more patience, we have more compassion for ourselves and others. When we have more compassion, life is simple.

And, thanks! I’m so glad that Susanna posted all 8 in one place so that people can vote with one click. 😀

7. the seeker57 - November 6, 2012

KISS, keep it simple silly. It’s purely elementary that is in my mind for the past few days. Simple question requires simple answer. Only “us people” makes life too complicated. Compassion is the heart of the matter as Dalai Lama teaches, so did Jesus Christ and Mother Teresa. As for patience, it takes time and maturity. Learn, learn, learn. Pax.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Thanks, seeker. Each feeds off the next:

When we simplify our life, we are more patient. When we are more patient, we become more compassionate. When we are more compassionate, life becomes simpler.

8. the seeker57 - November 6, 2012

Oh, thank you by the way.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Always a pleasure. _/!\_

9. Tom (Aquatom1968) - November 6, 2012

Three good lessons, Nancy. I’m trying to be more patient at the moment!

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

It’s EASY . . . just “hold your horses.” 😆

10. judithhb - November 6, 2012

Three things I have been working on for so many years Nancy and then when I think I have “conquered” one I fall back into the old ways. But I do keep trying.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Yes! Same here. It’s easy to master the techniques when we keep them “front and center,” but then we focus elsewhere, and our mindfulness isn’t quite as mindful as it could be.

It takes lots and lots of PRACTICE. But it’s worth it . . . our happiness is at stake.

11. Pocket Perspectives - November 6, 2012

Special…thank you.

nrhatch - November 6, 2012

Thanks, Kathy. It’s the ABC’s for Zen living. _/!\_

12. sufilight - November 7, 2012

Thank you for this… aaah, I see Kathy also thanked you :D. I really needed this reminder as I continue simplifying my journey.

nrhatch - November 7, 2012

We simplify one step at a time . . . as the path unfolds before us. As we watch it unfold, we grow in patience. As it “steps on our toes,” we find compassion. 😉

13. Three Well Beings - November 7, 2012

It’s fun to vote and send a little good energy your way! And I love the Ram Dass quote. I had quite a “run in” today with someone…I need to sit and be quiet with this post! No kidding…

nrhatch - November 7, 2012

Thanks, Debra! Winifred and I appreciate your support. The contest was a FUN one.

You are wise to sit and be quiet after a “run in” with someone . . . then they become your “teacher” advancing your “practice” instead of just being a thorn in your side (or worse). 😉

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