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King’s Arm Tavern ~ Peanut Soup November 2, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Vegetarian Recipes.

I first sampled Peanut Soup at the  King’s Arm Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.

Love at first bite!

The smooth velvety texture contrasted  perfectly with the toasted sippets served for dunking.

Starting the meal with a Mint Julep ~ stirred, not shaken ~ didn’t hurt.

Thirty years later, the Historic Tavern’s Midday Bill of Fare still lists Peanut Soupe as a Starter.  It’s also available at Chowning’s Tavern, but why wait?

You can make this calorie-laden delight tonight!

Peanut Soup

2-4 Tbsp. butter
1 onion, minced
4 ribs celery, minced
3-4 Tbsp. flour
4 cups vegetable broth, stock, or bouillon
1 cup peanut butter
3/4 cup light cream (optional)
chopped peanuts (garnish)

Sauté onion and celery in butter over medium heat for 5 minutes.  Do not brown.  Stir in flour to coat veggies.  Add vegetable stock.  Simmer over low heat for 30 minutes.

Remove from heat and purée in blender or strain the broth, if desired.

Stir in peanut butter (and cream, if desired).  Return to low heat.   Garnish with chopped peanuts.

To Print a 3×5 Recipe Card:  Colonial Williamsburg ~ Cream of Peanut Soup

 Aah . . . that’s better!


1. ryoko861 - November 2, 2012

I’ve eaten there! At night, when everything is lit by candles! A very cool establishment! Food was fantastic! I recommend this place to anyone that visits Williamsburg, VA! Thanks for the recipe!

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

Eating at the King’s Arm (and the other Historic Taverns) is always a treat. Definitely worth putting on the To Do list when in Williamsburg.

2. Waywardspirit - November 2, 2012

I taste your description.
Can’t belive Im taking down your recipe.
: )

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

Just eat it on a day when you are NOT counting calories . . . or fat grams. 😉

Waywardspirit - November 2, 2012

Maybe I ought to count them more on that day. ; )

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

You’ve got a point! But I tried . . . and lost count. 😉

3. Tammy - November 2, 2012

I’ve eaten there also! Thanks for conjuring up a good memory!

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

One of our favorite places to eat whenever we’re in the Burg!

4. sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 2, 2012

We love our peanuts! Roasted, salted, spiced, sugared, shelled or not, peanut buttered and boiled but I can’t believe I am saying this, we didn’t like peanut soup. Shocked!! We like almost every thing. Maybe we need to give your recipe a try Nancy. We first tried it in Alabama back in 1976.. 🙂

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

While adding links, I bumped into a recipe for African Peanut Soup with tomatoes in it . . . not the same thing at all.

Anyone who dislikes peanuts will not like this soup. Anyone who loves peanuts and peanut butter will probably fall in love.

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

I just found this Alabama Peanut Soup recipe:

It’s quite different from the Williamsburg version above.

sweetdaysundertheoaks - November 3, 2012

Yes Nancy I think the extra peanut butter, light cream and veg stock would help a whole lot! We may give it a try tomorrow if we don’t go to The Mama’s. Thanks for the Alabama recipe for comparison.

nrhatch - November 3, 2012

Let me know what you think. I usually serve smaller servings than with most other soups.

5. Andra Watkins - November 2, 2012

Peanut soup. Yummy.

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

Most of the soups I make are delicious, filling, and low-fat. This soup is delicious, filling, and fat-laden.

But it’s worth the caloric splurge. Mmm . . . 😀

Andra Watkins - November 2, 2012

Occasionally, we do the same thing now. Small doses. 🙂

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

Yes. This soup is so rich and satisfying that a cup will suffice.

6. Zen and Genki - November 2, 2012

That looks lovely! I bet it smells good too 🙂

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

For those of us who do not have peanut allergies . . . it smells heavenly. For those that do, not so much. 😉

Zen and Genki - November 2, 2012

Funny you should say that–I’m sure my kiddies would feel the same (luckily, my husband and I are keeping a very thick file of recipes to try when we are empty nesters and the peanut/egg anaphylactic children are no longer at home :P)

nrhatch - November 2, 2012

That IS interesting because I hadn’t thought of peanut allergies at all until I read your comment . . . when they immediately sprung to mind.

Definitely keep this in your growing file of recipes to try at a later date.

7. Booksphotographsandartwork - November 3, 2012

Since I love peanut butter this soup is for me!

nrhatch - November 3, 2012

Enjoy every drop, Linda!

8. Three Well Beings - November 4, 2012

It’s amazing, but earlier this week a coworker told me about this soup! She mentioned that she’d had it year ago in Williamsburg and had never forgotten how good it was! And now I can pass along the recipe. And make it myself, too! 🙂 How great is that? Thank you!

nrhatch - November 4, 2012

That is awesome, Debra! Life is full of savory synchronicties. 😀

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