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Halloween Drives Me Batty October 31, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Fiction, Humor, Word Play, Writing & Writers.
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Winifred stared at the calendar, “It’s Halloween!”

Unimpressed, her black cat, Cackle, turned away and returned to slumber.

“I know witches are supposed to like Halloween.  But I don’t.  Halloween drives me batty.  I never want to hear  “trick-or-treat” again.”

Winifred grabbed her Spell Book and turned pages, “No . . . No . . . Not a chance . . . Hmm . . . Maybe . . . No . . . YES!”

Winifred chanted as she tossed ingredients into her cauldron:

Eye of Newt, Hair of Dog, Wing of Bat
Just for today . . . turn me into a Cat!


Winifred padded over to join Cackle for a cat nap, and purred, “Better catty, than batty.”

* * * * *

Written for:  The 2nd Annual Halloweensie Contest (Susanna Leonard Hill)

Contest:  Write a 100-word Halloween story appropriate for children (title not included in the 100 words), using the words witch, bat, and “trick-or-treat”.   Your story can be scary, funny or anything in between, poetry or prose, but it will only count for the contest if it includes those 3 words and is 100 words or less.  Then link it HERE.

* * * * *

Susanna just posted the 8 Finalists . . . and I’m in the running!  If you want to vote, click this link:  Vote for your Favorite!

* * * * *

I’ve renamed the cat ~ from Ebony to Cackle ~ to tie in with the 2013 Contest.