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Lemon Tree Very Pretty October 23, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Art & Photography, Home & Garden, Nature.

On Saturday, we bought a Meyer Lemon plant for the courtyard.  Yay!

We want to grow our own citrus.  Look!  It’s got 3 tiny green lemons on it!

Don’t blink . . . or you’ll miss them.  😉

To see some real beauties:  When Life Gives You Lemons (Milka Pejovic).  

Aah . . . that’s better!

Related posts:  100 Things To Do With A Meyer Lemon (Los Angeles Times)

Are you familiar with Meyer Lemons? 

The Meyer lemon became popular in the U.S. after being rediscovered by chefs such as Alice Waters at Chez Panisse during the California Cuisine revolution.   Martha Stewart has featured them in recipes, boosting their popularity.


1. suzicate - October 23, 2012

It came “loaded”, awesome! Can’t wait to hear of all the lovely recipes. My cousin made curd…she bought her lemons though since she doesn’t have a Meyer Lemon tree.

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

I love lemon curd and have never made it ~ maybe that will be first on the agenda. My great aunt Edie from Scotland made lemon curd every year ~ sweet, tart, tangy. 😀

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

Hey! I just noticed that the smiley face avatar makes me look like a Lemon Head. 😀

2. colonialist - October 23, 2012

You try telling that bit about the fruit of the lemon to young R and she’ll laugh at you. She loves eating them!

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

That’s great for young R . . . they are so good for us! A doctor once prescribed a lemon a day to keep the viruses at bay. 😀

I don’t often sit down to eat an entire lemon these days, but I love squirting/squeezing lemon juice in beverages and over savory dishes to brighten them up.

3. Andra Watkins - October 23, 2012

I love Meyer lemons, Nancy. I miss all our citrus trees from our old house very much. We had an orange, a clementine and a key lime.

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

That sounds wonderful, Andra. Tough to walk away from all that juicy goodness. Until you and MTM have a good planting spot, you might try a container garden with small citrus shrubs.

4. Don - October 23, 2012

May your future be blessed with many, many lemons and I don’t mean that in a negative way.. Just loved the song – brought back so many memories.

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

Thanks, Don! This song makes me smile too. So does “you put the lime in the coconut . . . and call me in the morning.” 😉

5. Perfecting Motherhood - October 23, 2012

Thanks for the referral, Nancy! Your little tree is already quite productive. Congratulations!

nrhatch - October 23, 2012

Thanks, Milka ~ I saw your gorgeous photos right after we came home with our lemon plant. Some day . . . 😀

6. sweetdaysundertheoaks - October 24, 2012

How nice Nancy! Something about that little lemon tree that makes me smile. I guess it is like when our strawberries come up every summer with no help from us. Of course we can never beat the squirrels to them!

nrhatch - October 24, 2012

My parents grew strawberries. Not sure how they kept the squirrels away from them . . . maybe putting out birdseed on the patio that was easier for the squirrels to harvest?

The lemon tree makes me smile too. Like this. 😀

7. Pocket Perspectives - October 24, 2012

That looks like a very productive lemon tree…Meyer Lemons are tasty…enjoy!

nrhatch - October 24, 2012

Fingers crossed! I know we need to prune it back a bit . . . but I do NOT want to cut off the fruit that’s growing. I’m going to hope for the best with them, and trim that branch later, rather than sooner.

Pocket Perspectives - October 24, 2012

I wonder if they thin some of the beginning lemons on lemon trees? Ours keeps getting zapped in frosts and is barely alive…time for a new lemon tree here!

nrhatch - October 25, 2012

Meyer Lemons are more cold-tolerant than other varieties, Kathy. Not as susceptible to frost.

The grower we bought from said that the tree sheds the excess fruit on an as needed basis. But I expect that he would trim back the branch in question. I’m going to wait and see.

8. Tokeloshe - October 24, 2012

Great post, well done!

I don’t know Meyer Lemons, but I love Lemon Curd.

That YouTube video sure brought back memories 😉

nrhatch - October 24, 2012

My favorite birthday cake as a child always had a lemon curd filling. 😀

9. Three Well Beings - October 25, 2012

I have wanted a Meyer lemon myself and just haven’t done it! I saw your comment about lemon curd! Yum. Now that you mention it, Sophia asked for a lemon cake for her birthday and we were surprised by that. I sure do love, P P & M, too! 🙂

nrhatch - October 25, 2012

We have our fingers crossed that it likes living in our little courtyard . . . having lemons growing just outside the front door would be wonderful.

Sounds like the PP&M song was a hit then . . . and now! 😀

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