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Survive or Thrive . . . Stay Alive October 6, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Blogging, Humor, Poetry, Word Play.

L.A. . . . Not poetic? ;)

There’s the glitter of the glitterati
And snap-snap-snap of paparazzi

There’s storied stores on Rodeo Drive
With millions spent on jazz, fads, and jive

There’s swaying palms and swimming pools
And producers who are nobody’s fools

With poetic license, a laureate will thrive
Passing the hat just to stay alive

Aah . . . that’s better!

* * * * *

This post is a joint venture of sorts ~ inspired by Debra’s post about the  vacancy in Los Angeles waiting to be claimed by a poet laureate and by Sidey’s Weekend Theme, Those Who Survive.


1. sweetdaysundertheoaks - October 6, 2012

Well, I love the swaying palms but I will take the palms in Florida! Think of us today Nancy, it is COLD here. BBBRRRrrrrrr.

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

So I’ve heard, Pix. It’s C~O~L~D everywhere in the country but here ~ we just got back from a plant sale and farmer’s market and it’s H~O~T.

2. SidevieW - October 6, 2012

Staying alive can be hard work

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

So many distractions and detours that we may be surviving . . . but few of us are thriving.

3. dearrosie - October 6, 2012

Hi Nancy,
I haven’t been back in a while and am glad I came today. I live in L.A. and though I follow Debra’s blog I haven’t read about the scarcity of poets in town. I know a whole slew of poets who could fill the post. Happily.

How is your Mum? Last time I read about her you’d moved her to FLA.

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

Hi Rosie! The poets in L.A may be updating their resumes ~ sounds like a FUN gig for $10K a year.

Mom is doing well, but she is now in Colorado with my younger brother. We decided the villa was a bit too crowded for comfort.

4. Three Well Beings - October 7, 2012

This is so funny to me! I love the way you referenced the Los Angeles poet laureate position. I may have hit a nerve in a few places. I love my home town…and we may have many poets, but when it comes to finding an identity I think we’re still growing up! We are a city still caught in adolescence. So I’m just not sure what our “poet laureate” will choose to immortalize! I guess I’ll just have to watch and wait! 🙂 Thanks for including me in your weekend post challenge, Nancy! D

nrhatch - October 7, 2012

I found the idea amusing too, Debra . . . much more so than if Monterey, San Francisco, or Carmel by the Sea started hunting for a resident poet. Not because L.A. isn’t poetic enough . . . but because L.A.’s so multi-faceted. It doesn’t have a unified poetic presence.

That said, the position sounds GREAT for a resident artist who wants to augment their income ~ $10,000 for 4 readings and a few writings. How FUN!

5. bluebee - October 7, 2012

If the chosen is a keen observer and worth his or her salt, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa won’t be getting quite the poetry he had hoped for

nrhatch - October 7, 2012

Oh, you’ve got a point, BB . . . poetry highlighting the seedy underbelly and darkest nights of society is the forte of many a tortured soul who prefer not to “waste ink” describing beauty.

6. bluebee - October 8, 2012

If you can point out a thing of beauty in LA, this tortured soul will attempt to waste some ink to craft a poem describing it 😉

nrhatch - October 8, 2012

Maybe Venice Beach? Or a funny poem about the paparazzi? :mrgreen:

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