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“That’s Me!” October 4, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.

Need an icebreaker or team building exercise for a meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, reunion, or gathering of the clans?  Here’s one to consider:

* Have everyone get up on their feet and stand in a circle.  (Hint: Make it a “tech free zone” with no droids, kindles, bluetooths, or phones allowed.)

* Select someone to share something about themselves ~ e.g., “I’ve ridden in a helicopter” or “I love kayaking” or “I’ve been to France.”

* Everyone who feels the statement applies to them shouts, “That’s me!”

* Moving clockwise (or counter-clockwise) around the circle, give everyone a chance to share something about themselves ~ “Zebras make me smile” or “I love chocolate” or . . . “I’m an ax murderer.”

Frog-CircusAs before, everyone who feels the statement applies to them waves their hands in the air and shouts, “That’s me!”

Unless they are standing, mouth agape, in stunned silence at Lizzie Borden’s true confession.

If you feel the ice is sufficiently broken, you can proceed with the scheduled agenda.

If not, you can torture “introverted attendees” by having participants identify something they have in common with others in the group:

* Hi, I’m X . . . and I learned that Y and Z are letters too!  Yay!

* Hi, I’m 7 . . . I learned that there are lots of other numbers here!

* Hi, I’m R2D2 . . . I’m NOT the only techno-phobic Droid on the planet!

* Hi, I’m Lizzie . . . other people’s parents drive them crazy too!

If the group is small enough, you can put all the listening, hearing, and/or memory impaired members on the spot by asking everyone to share one thing about every other participant:

Carl colors comics, Kate collects musty old books, SIG built a mixed media Empire, Andra’s been acquitted of “accidental” indecent exposure, Dave dumpster-dives, Paula is a know-it-all, Col has a way with words, Kathy got married in ski bibs, Greg gardens,  Suzi is a great shot, Kate survived the invasion, Janna writes, Debra breathes lighter with CSN, Beeblu golfs  with kooks and kangas, Barb‘s passionate about pets, Martin‘s a trainspotter, Pixie won’t play possum, Lizzie is insane . . .

Not only do icebreakers give the group members a better understanding of both the commonality and the diversity of the group . . . it warns them not to get on the wrong side of Lizzie!

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. Paula Tohline Calhoun - October 4, 2012

A “know-it-all?” You must be speaking of another Paula. Besides, I thought I was the one with a “way with words,” not to impugn Col, or anything.

What a great game! Reminds me of a story, but because you pinged my post from so long ago, I won’t go into it. People can just read that story for themselves!

I will definitely consider this story the next time there is an uncomfortable lull in the group sharing. . .but wait a minute – if I’m there, how could there be a lull? 😆

(Love this post, BTW!)

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

You DO have a way with words, PTC . . . but it’s your “that reminds me muse” that will always have a place in my heart!

And, no, I do not believe you would ever find yourself in the midst of an uncomfortable lull in the conversation. 😉

2. Paula Tohline Calhoun - October 4, 2012

I realize now, too late, that I forgot to use the “/” before the second “strong” – which gave you a delightful paragraph of boldface. You may repair it if you like, otherwise you can just allow me to appear as incompetent as I usually am! 😉 😳

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

I fixed it but let your self-deprecating confession stand . . . because I love the use of multiple and competing icons.

3. suzicate - October 4, 2012

This is great, we did this in some group settings a few years back….except the clue was given and they had to guess who it was. Funny they never guessed me as the kid who grew up on Walton’s Mountain (aka Schuyler from the tv series The Waltons) nor did they ever guess me as a bull’s eye shot as a teenager; I don’t think that’s the kind of shot you were referring to though, lol!

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

That’s funny, Suzi . . . when I said you were a “great shot,” I started to add “with a camera” but something stopped me from that limiting characterization!

There are so many great variations on this theme. The leader can call out for all the people who’ve been for a Hot Air Balloon ride to congregate in one corner while all the gardeners congregate in another . . . and keep whittling down the pack until everyone is with at least one other person.

Except for poor Lizzie . . . she’s usually left holding the ax all by herself. :mrgreen:

4. Lisa Wields Words - October 4, 2012

I love icebreakers.

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

We did LOTS of team building exercises with the AmeriCorps members at Salisbury University every year ~ including several variations of “That’s ME!”

It was our good fortune NOT to have any ax murderers in the mix.

5. jannatwrites - October 4, 2012

That sounds like a fun game for a large group. Great way to find out what you have in common with others. In our smaller groups, we’ve played 2 truths and a lie. It’s fun to guess which is the lie, and sometimes it’s surprising as well 🙂

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

I love playing 2 truths and a lie! I could usually stump people . . . even people who knew me pretty well. 😉

6. Yaz - October 4, 2012

I used lots of ice-breakers in my past corporate training sessions, but never this! I’m going to pass it on to my hubby who is still in the training world. Thanks a million!

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

Cool! You might check out BB’s comment . . . she’s mentioned an excellent ice breaker that pairs people off to learn about each other.

7. bluebee - October 4, 2012

More kooks than kangas, haha 😉 Thanks for the ping back, Nancy.
I’ve played a version of this where you are paired off and each in the pair has a minute to tell the other things about themselves, and then when you regroup each in each pair has to introduce the other to the group.

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

The link to you on the links reveals kookaburras and kangaroos cavorting about the course with Mr. Fox!

Oh, that pairing off exercise is excellent ~ we each shared 3 things that the other had to remember to share with the group.

We sometimes kicked it up a notch with each person meeting with 3 other people (consecutively) before rejoining the group as a whole . . . then everyone had 9 things (3 x 3) to share during the introductions.

8. Andra Watkins - October 4, 2012

Excellent idea for a Rotary meeting. Thank you, Nancy.

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

Awesome idea . . . even for groups that already now each other fairly well. Gives them a chance to act like kids again! 😀

9. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - October 4, 2012

I do garden! I also yoddle. Wait how is that even spelled. Oh well!

nrhatch - October 4, 2012

Perhaps you . . .yodel? High on a hill like the lonely goatherd in the Sound of Music? Yo~de~la~E!

10. Jas - October 5, 2012

Good ideas Nancy 🙂

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

Getting to know others in cyberspace is often easier than getting to know people in a circumscribed locale with a set agenda to follow. Icebreakers to the rescue!

I think this would be great to play at a family reunion . . . so kids and grandkids could see that parents are “people” too!

11. Perfecting Motherhood - October 5, 2012

As an introvert, I’m not sure I’d go for this game (can you see my face cringing just thinking about it?). But I do like the 2nd one though, with making sentences using the same letter throughout.

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

Even the shyest people in the AmeriCorps class each year enjoyed icebreakers because they KNEW what to say at any given time. Since they weren’t hunting for some witty riposte, they relaxed and enjoyed.

12. Piglet in Portugal - October 5, 2012

Icebreakers are good. I always hate arriving at a party late; people then stare at you!

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

Really? I find just the opposite to be the case. If I arrive early, before the party is in full swing, people are standing around gawping and gawking at new arrivals . . . hoping that Lady Gaga, Adele, or Justin Bieber will be the next one through the door.

But if I arrive after people are mixing and mingling, I can gawp and gawk at them as easily as if I was wearing my Invisibility Shield. :mrgreen:

13. Carl D'Agostino - October 5, 2012

Thanks for the shout out !

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

You’re welcome, Carl! You brighten many a life with your colorful cartoons.

14. kateshrewsday - October 5, 2012

You make me long for us all to be in the same room, Nancy 🙂

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

Oh, wouldn’t THAT be grand?! One of us needs to become a bestselling author willing to foot the bill for a meet-up with all the clan!

15. ericjbaker - October 5, 2012

That’s me!

Oops. I thought I heard someone say she was a cross between Telly Savalas and Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan.

Never mind.

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

Gotcha! Maybe you could sit with Lizzie at lunch? Just don’t let her near the knives . . . or the forks. To be safe, maybe just a bit of finger food?

ericjbaker - October 6, 2012

Is that cannibalism humor?

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

That reminds me of a Kilban’s Cat poem:

16. spilledinkguy - October 5, 2012

“introverted attendees”… That’s me!
Of course I’m always absolutely thrilled and humbled to have been mentioned by someone as kind as you, Nancy! Thank you so very much! I’ve been having a kind of off day… and this really made me smile 🙂 see? So thank you again for that! Very, very much!

nrhatch - October 5, 2012

You are very welcome . . . I’m glad the timing worked. We all need an occasional quick pick me on an otherwise “off” sort of day.

17. sweetdaysundertheoaks - October 6, 2012

Nancy thank you for the ping! How nice!! We got home late today from a couple of days in Kansas City and I found you in spam. Shame on WordPress. I am always a little giddy when I get a pingback.. 🙂 I think That’s Me sounds like fun, a quick way to learn things about people!

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

Yay! You found me! Akismet tosses me in SPAM because it’s jealous . . . and it’s been corrupted by power. 😆

You’re welcome for the pingback. And welcome back from KC.

That’s Me is like speed dating for groups!

18. Pocket Perspectives - October 6, 2012

😀 …

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

I even found the post about your ski bib wedding for the link up!

Pocket Perspectives - October 6, 2012

I saw that…that’s amazing that you gathered specific links from all those blogs!!! Isn’t it amazing how many interesting “tidbits” there are in everyone’s life? And a bit of “curiosity” opens up that “treasure chest” in so many conversations!

nrhatch - October 6, 2012

Yes! A bit of curiosity allows us to see and savor the unique and interesting facets of others.

19. Three Well Beings - October 8, 2012

I love this idea! And it pleases me to know that I, too, have so many lovely things I could share about the others in our blogging community. Little stories or thoughts that have been shared often come to my mind when I’m going about my every day experiences. I often think of you and some of the lightness and humor you inject into your every day, even though I know all is not light and humor in your life! You work at balance, and I really admire that and do what I can to live that way, too. And we both love good bread! LOL! Have a great day, Nancy! I missed this post and was so glad I found it! 🙂

nrhatch - October 8, 2012

OK . . . now I love you even more! 😀 We need to sit down and “break bread” together.

Whatever happens as we move through our days, life is better with laughter ~ I try to keep my sense of humor at the ready . . . especially on challenging days.

20. viviankirkfield - October 10, 2012

Kind of reminds me of the little ‘icebreakers’ Tupperware or Discovery Toy moms did at parties where they were selling their wares…does that sound familiar? You are right, Nancy…it helps to share something about yourself to make a connection with others…I’ll keep this in mind for school visits…might be fun with the kids. 🙂

nrhatch - October 11, 2012

The kids would LOVE it!

You would say: Kids would reply:
I love popcorn . . . . That’s Me!
I love ice cream . . . That’s Me!
I love broccoli . . . . Ewww! 😆

viviankirkfield - October 11, 2012


21. Booksphotographsandartwork - October 13, 2012

That sounds like fun. Do have a family Thankgiving coming up that could use a little shot in the arm or…

nrhatch - October 13, 2012

I wish I had thought to play this with all my nieces and nephews this summer . . .

22. Val Boyko - February 1, 2017

What a great way to bring people together!! Lets take it nationally 🙏

nrhatch - February 1, 2017

It really breaks the ice!

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