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“That’s Me!” October 4, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Humor, People.
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Need an icebreaker or team building exercise for a meeting, conference, seminar, workshop, reunion, or gathering of the clans?  Here’s one to consider:

* Have everyone get up on their feet and stand in a circle.  (Hint: Make it a “tech free zone” with no droids, kindles, bluetooths, or phones allowed.)

* Select someone to share something about themselves ~ e.g., “I’ve ridden in a helicopter” or “I love kayaking” or “I’ve been to France.”

* Everyone who feels the statement applies to them shouts, “That’s me!”

* Moving clockwise (or counter-clockwise) around the circle, give everyone a chance to share something about themselves ~ “Zebras make me smile” or “I love chocolate” or . . . “I’m an ax murderer.”

Frog-CircusAs before, everyone who feels the statement applies to them waves their hands in the air and shouts, “That’s me!”

Unless they are standing, mouth agape, in stunned silence at Lizzie Borden’s true confession.

If you feel the ice is sufficiently broken, you can proceed with the scheduled agenda.

If not, you can torture “introverted attendees” by having participants identify something they have in common with others in the group:

* Hi, I’m X . . . and I learned that Y and Z are letters too!  Yay!

* Hi, I’m 7 . . . I learned that there are lots of other numbers here!

* Hi, I’m R2D2 . . . I’m NOT the only techno-phobic Droid on the planet!

* Hi, I’m Lizzie . . . other people’s parents drive them crazy too!

If the group is small enough, you can put all the listening, hearing, and/or memory impaired members on the spot by asking everyone to share one thing about every other participant:

Carl colors comics, Kate collects musty old books, SIG built a mixed media Empire, Andra’s been acquitted of “accidental” indecent exposure, Dave dumpster-dives, Paula is a know-it-all, Col has a way with words, Kathy got married in ski bibs, Greg gardens,  Suzi is a great shot, Kate survived the invasion, Janna writes, Debra breathes lighter with CSN, Beeblu golfs  with kooks and kangas, Barb‘s passionate about pets, Martin‘s a trainspotter, Pixie won’t play possum, Lizzie is insane . . .

Not only do icebreakers give the group members a better understanding of both the commonality and the diversity of the group . . . it warns them not to get on the wrong side of Lizzie!

Aah . . . that’s better!

Grilled Cheese on Toscano Pano October 4, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Food & Drink, Less IS More, Vegetarian Recipes.
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Simple Pleasures ARE Life’s Treasures . . . and food often tops the list!

Fresh Market’s Toscano Pano, a dense hearty Tuscany Bread, elevates the humble Grilled Cheese sandwich to waist-defying heights, especially when partnered with Seriously Sharp Vermont Cabot Cheddar.  

Grated.  Not sliced.

Here, we’ve added a crisp just-harvested Royal Gala Apple and Lay’s Classic Potato Chips to round out a lunch of Simple Pleasures and Treasures.

Aah . . . that’s better!

What’s in YOUR sandwich?