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She’s Gone September 2, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Life Balance, Mindfulness, People.
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Mom is gone.  She flew out to Colorado yesterday to live with my younger brother and his family.

Her time here was time well spent.

* She completed physical therapy and recuperated from her spine surgery.

* Her mobility improved from when she first arrived, grimacing in pain.

* She got to spend time with US!

Now, she will benefit from increased interaction with my brother’s family of six.  And they will have a chance to share their house and home with her.

This transition, like many in life, has been sad.

I know mom won’t remember being here with us for much longer . . . she’s already forgotten our ride together on the auto train just 6 weeks ago.

She has no recollection of helping me celebrate my birthday in July.

In many ways, mom is lucky.  Since she is increasingly incapable of hanging onto the past, she has fewer memories tugging on her heart strings.

The past fades away, swallowed up by the shadowy recesses of her mind.

It’s the pull of the past making me cry now.  Wanting desperately to go back for one last lingering look at how and who she used to be.

Seeing her here every day provided the occasional glimpse.

Not often.  But enough.

None of us can stem the tides, nor catch the waves on the beach.  We have to keep letting go of the “what was” to make room for the “what is.”

All things must pass.