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A Series of Unfortunate Events August 29, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Health & Wellness, Life Balance.

I am sick. 
And tired. 

Exhausted. Fatigued.  Frustrated.  Stressed. Overwhelmed. Sad.   Weighed down.  Worn out.  Wrung dry. 

Not happy.

I’ll be back as soon as I can say:

Aah . . . that’s better!


1. ryoko861 - August 29, 2012

Oh I can SOOOOO relate!! We must be under the same dark cloud.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

This year is really taken a toll out of us, eh? Here’s to brighter days ahead.

ryoko861 - September 3, 2012

I just keeping telling myself this too shall pass…..

nrhatch - September 3, 2012

I’ve been saying that all year ~ IT does pass . . . only be be replaced by MORE challenges. 😉

2. yazrooney - August 29, 2012

You poor thing. I know how THAT feels. I’m thinking of you, and sending you love.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Yaz. I’m starting to rebound . . . a bit.

3. 2e0mca - August 29, 2012

Tell it like it is Nancy, that always helps. Thoughts and Best wishes with you.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Martin. Sometimes finding the courage to be honest is hard . . . but it’s worth it.

4. suzicate - August 29, 2012

I understand. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care of YOU!

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Suzi. Tough week. Tough month. Tough year. I’m getting too old for this! 😉

5. Judson - August 29, 2012

Okay … now you sound like me … and that’s not a good thing! Thoughts and prayers for you …

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Judson. Each of us has our “breaking point.” I hit the “brick wall” on Tuesday and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

I’m starting to get back “on track.”

6. speccy - August 29, 2012

Warm wishes, Nancy

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, speccy. My batteries are starting to recharge.

7. Tammy - August 29, 2012

Prayers headed your way

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Tammy. Things are on the upswing.

8. Pocket Perspectives - August 29, 2012

Nancy, I was hoping you were teasing and writing about the book with a similar name and not how you are feeling. I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well….rest as much as you can, shut your bedroom door and refuse to come out….find someone else to carry the responsibilities, as much as you can…and pretty soon you’ll be back saying….”ah… that’s better!” (maybe it’s the blue(s) moon?)

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Kathy. Great advice . . .

I was carting around “too much stuff” in my wheelbarrow. The load is lighter now.

9. sweetdaysundertheoaks - August 29, 2012

Ditto here Nancy,that is how I have felt all summer. The drought has brought us to our knees. Our state looks like a blow torch has been taken to it. Our Oaks and other trees are dying some already dead. Summer 2012 has been devastating. CH and I have both had health issues and other issues that have overwhelmed us. I haven’t had the energy or attitude to blog or comment. Unfortunately the path of Issac’s wrath is going to help give us some much needed rain and maybe save some of our trees. Help fill our well with water too. Too late for the farmers but for people with cattle this will make a huge difference in Missouri. Fingers crossed that it makes it to us. I am so sorry it is at the expense of the people being battered by Issac now. I sort of know where you are Nancy. I was the caregiver for my Mom and it was beyond tough back in 1987. You have been on my mind but cheeriness has alluded me and I have failed at staying positive even with my new Zen-ness. You have been in my prayers and on my mind every day. Take care and I am praying for Fall and for all of us to find some peaceful, no worry, no stress days with anxiety out of the picture. Hugs Nancy and I am hoping that you will be able to say “Aah…that’s better!” in quick order. Forgive me for not getting over here sooner.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Aww . . . thanks, Pixie. This has been such a HARD year for so many with draughts, and wild fires, and storms.

Here’s to brighter days ahead.

sweetdaysundertheoaks - September 3, 2012

2012 started out great Nancy. We came to Florida and met you and BFF, had a wonderful time there and then we came home and the effort to move there became a struggle. It wore me out and then the drought and inbetween so many events that I couldn’t rise above. Maybe it was a sign that we need to be some place else for the rest of our lives. 2012 can’t get out of here fast enough and don’t let the door hit it on the way out. BUT I am going to enjoy September and all of Fall, a trip to Colorado, Winter and a couple of weeks down in Venice late January!

Hope you are feeling better this morning Nancy. I can’t tell you how much you have been on my mind. I almost called but I thought you had too much going on.

nrhatch - September 3, 2012

Thanks for the good thoughts, Pixie. Trying to talk on the phone with mom around was . . . . interesting.

Mine as many happy moments as you can this Fall. See you in Venice. 😀

10. Andra Watkins - August 29, 2012

A hug and an extra dose of strength to you, Nancy.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Andra. I’ve been “running on empty” for some time . . . I’m slowly regaining my balance and equilibrium.

We cannot “do it all” even if we want to.

11. Zen and Genki - August 29, 2012

Please take my “like” of this post as my virtual hug to you and wishes for smooth sailing ahead 🙂

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

I accept your virtual hug . . . and your kind wishes. Here’s to smooth sailing!

12. granny1947 - August 29, 2012

Oh Dear NR…this is not like you but I feel for you.
Positive vibes coming from this Granny.
Lots of love.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Granny. I’ve been scanning your posts in my mailbox, but haven’t made it around your way in days. Hope to remedy that situation tomorrow.

granny1947 - September 3, 2012

Hi NR…do hope you are feeling brighter.

nrhatch - September 3, 2012

I am . . . but if I don’t go to bed soon, it’s going to be a L~O~N~G day tomorrow.

13. Tokeloshe - August 29, 2012

Thinking of you.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Tok. I hope to catch up with you and others soon.

14. sufilight - August 29, 2012

Nancy, as Kathy mentioned you need help. A home aide to help out with your Mom. We used to have one for mom, and in her case Social Security paid for it. Sending you good vibes. Lots of hugs.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Marie. Our villa was too small to add a 4th person into the mix. So we had a family conference and my brother invited mom to stay with him. She didn’t really enjoy the weather here and I expect that Colorado will be a better fit for her.

But we miss her. 😦

15. colonialist - August 29, 2012

I do hope the Lemony Snickett period will go away fast!
Meanwhile, deep sympathy!

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Col! When it rains, it pours . . . and I started feeling like I was drowning. Fortunately, my younger brother tossed out a life line. Here’s to sunnier skies. 😎

16. Sandra Bell Kirchman - August 29, 2012

Sorry to hear of your malaise, Nancy. *HUG*

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Sandra. This has been a TOUGH year for so many . . . here’s to recharging our batteries.

17. nancy curteman - August 29, 2012

Not good. Sad to feel sick. Get better soon. Sending warm cozies to lift your spirit.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, NC. I’m starting to refind my balance . . . after being more than slightly askew.

18. kateshrewsday - August 29, 2012

😦 Nancy, it’s been a tough summer indeed. Sending transatlantic vibes of support from the Shrewsday household.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Kate. Right back at ya! What I wouldn’t give to be sitting in your kitchen watching your new kitten and comparing notes over a cup of tea.

Here’s to maintaining our balance amid the boulders life tosses into our path.

19. Booksphotographsandartwork - August 29, 2012

Watch these movies: Planes, Trains and Automobiles; The Hangover l and ll; National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. If you don’t laugh your upset away then you really are upset. And don’t forget 🙂

I can imagine, it’s a difficult place to be with your new responsibilities.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Linda. Great advice . . . life is better with laughter. Christmas Vacation is an annual favorite.

Fingers crossed that mom’s move to Colorado will work for all concerned . . . but it’s sad not having her near.

20. jannatwrites - August 29, 2012

I’m sorry it’s a tough time for you right now. Sometimes holing away for a bit can restore us. I hope you get back to yourself and come back from your self-imposed time out soon 🙂

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Janna. Tuesday night, I felt on the verge of collapse. Wednesday morning wasn’t any better. I hollered for HELP and help arrived.

Inner peace is beginning to surface once again, but saying good-bye to mom was very hard. 😦

21. Perfecting Motherhood - August 30, 2012

I hear you, there are days like that… I hope you feel better soon.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Milka. You have been through so much yourself this year. So have so many others. It makes me wonder whether the stars are out of alignment. I hope you find some answers SOON!

Perfecting Motherhood - September 3, 2012

I think you’re right about this year not being so kind for many of us (and I thought last year was bad, ha!). I just keep thinking things have to turn around at some point, with a little direction from us.

nrhatch - September 3, 2012

That’s what I keep telling myself . . . things will have to take an upward swing soon.

22. spilledinkguy - August 30, 2012

I’m very sorry to hear that, Nancy… but I understand completely… you’ve been through so many difficult things lately. My warmest thoughts and best wishes are with you… I sincerely hope Aah… that’s better comes as soon as it possibly can! If not sooner!

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Bob. “Aah . . . that’s better” seems at least remotely possible at this point. 😉

23. theonlycin - August 30, 2012

Sorry Nancy, hope the cloud lifts soon. xxx

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

What a year we are all having, eh? The challenges keep washing up on our shores. Here’s to floating on a sea of inner peace. 🙂

24. Barb - August 30, 2012

Here’s a hug.Hope this helps.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Barb. Hugs help.

25. Three Well Beings - August 31, 2012

I’m a little late in my visit so perhaps things have already begun to shift for you, Nancy. You’ve kind of had the stuffing kicked out of you lately…I’m sure there is an accumulation of stress and fatigue that didn’t improve with a tropical storm battering you from all sides. I know you’ll rebound, but I hope you can just get rest in the meantime! Debra

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Debra. You got that right! I am starting to breathe a bit lighter . . . but what a rocky (and stormy) year it’s been.

26. Lian - August 31, 2012

That doesn’t sound good 😦 hope you feel better soon!

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Lian. After a family conference on Wednesday, the light appeared at the end of the tunnel . . . just in time.

27. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide - August 31, 2012

Hope to see you back soon, I know you’ve dealt with your share of trials this year.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Greg. It seems to be going around . . . maybe the Earth’s been knocked off its axis? 😉

28. Team Oyeniyi - August 31, 2012

Nancy – seems to be a few of us in similar staites right now. Please know you are not alone.

Gilly is writing about being a terrible blogger due to life intervening.

Many of us have a heavy load right now.


Take care.

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thanks, Robyn. We have our fingers crossed that living with my brother and his family will be a good fit for mom . . . more people to share the load and more FUN for mom.

29. SidevieW - September 2, 2012

Here’s hoping it all works through completely and leaves you as new

nrhatch - September 2, 2012

Thursday and Friday were better days . . . we took mom out for ice cream and to the beach, got her a haircut, my sister and her husband came for a visit, and we started to pack her bags.

On Friday, we went for a lunch cruise on the Marina Jack. The weather was perfect and mom really enjoyed “setting sail.”

Saturday was HARD . . . I expect that living with my brother will be good for mom and all concerned, but saying good-bye caused a tidal wave of tears.

30. SidevieW - September 2, 2012

You will have to go and visit again, quite soon. I suspect that there will be limited time to keep seeing her.

nrhatch - September 3, 2012

And I’ll also have to roll up my sleeves and learn to Skype. I’m such a techno-phobe. 😉

SidevieW - September 3, 2012

get to it. if she can do it so can you 😉

31. viviankirkfield - September 4, 2012

I clicked the “like” button, Nancy…but I don’t like that you are under the weather…feel better soon!!!!

nrhatch - September 5, 2012

Thanks, Vivian. The S~T~R~E~S~S is dissipating. Soon, I’ll be more TIGGERISH again.

Pocket Perspectives - September 5, 2012

great word….”TIGGERISH”…just right!… cats rebound quickly!

nrhatch - September 5, 2012

Especially TIGGERS! 😎

32. eof737 - September 16, 2012

Nancy, Know you are not alone and do hang in there. You have had some rough moments but will grow from them. It’s been a tough year for me and many others… You’ll make it! 🙂 Stay blessed!

nrhatch - September 16, 2012

This has been a TOUGH year for so many! And the “surprises” and “challenges” keep on coming.

The toilet handle broke this morning.
On his way out to get a new handle, BFF heard a *CRUNCH* as he opened the garage door.
Yup . . . the door is BUSTED!

I have High Hopes for 2013 . . . it’s got to be better than 2012.

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