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Once Upon A Place . . . June 2, 2012

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“Once upon a place, in a time long, long, ago . . .”

“How many years ago, Granny?”

“Oh, too many years to count.”

“More than seben?”

“Yes.  More than SEV~en.”

“I can count to SEVen!  One . . Two . . Three . . Four . . . um . . . SEB~en!”

“Very good, Gertie.  What about Five and Six?”

“Five and six, what?”

“Didn’t you leave them out?”

“Out of what?”

“Shouldn’t it be . . . One . . . Two . . . Three . . .”

“Oh, hurry, Granny.  I hear mom coming.  Tell me the rest of the story!”

“Very well.  Once upon a place . . . ”

“You already said that!”

“I did, didn’t I?”

“Hurry, Granny.  She’s coming!”

“. . . a young girl named Gertrude . . . ”

“That’s MY name!”

“Yes, it is.  You were named after your Great Aunt Ger . . . ”

“Hurry, Granny.  Hurry!”

“. . . and every night before bed, Gertrude wanted a story read . . . ”


“Yes, pumpkin.”

“I’m tired.”

“Shall we finish the story tomorrow, then?”

Gertrude didn’t answer.

She’d already entered the Land of Nod, where fairy tales do come true . . . “once upon a place and time.”

Aah . . . that’s better!

From Wikipedia:  The Land of Nod refers to the mythical land of sleep, a pun on Land of Nod (Gen. 4:16). To “go off to the land of Nod” plays with the phrase to “nod off,” meaning to go to sleep.

The first recorded use of the phrase to mean “sleep” comes from Jonathan Swift in his Complete Collection of Polite and Ingenious Conversation (1737) and Gulliver’s Travels.

A later instance of this usage appears in the poem The Land of Nod by Robert Louis Stevenson from A Child’s Garden of Verses (1885).

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Artwork available at Roderick MacIver Arts.  The beauty of Rod’s art lies in his ability NOT to control all aspects of the water ~ he allows it latitude to do its thing while he does his. The result speaks for itself.

Adult Scrabble June 2, 2012

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Adult Scrabble . . .

Rearrange the letters to spell out an important part of the human body which is even more useful when erect:


Wikipedia ~ Crossword (in Public Domain)



People who wrote SPINE became doctors. . . the rest are all my friends!

Thanks for the chuckle, Granny1947!

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