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Today: Rainy Day Rockaway . . . Foul Play? June 1, 2012

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Today is a rainy day here in the Sunshine State.  So I’ve been playing around with a photo taken when we ate at Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill in Clearwater:

Antiqued . . .

Sepia . . .

Black & White . . .

Lithographed . . .

Metallica . . .

Posterized . . .

Oilified . . .

Saturated . . .

Solarized . . .

Sharpened . . .

Soft Glow . . .

Which is your favorite ~ the original photo . . . or one of its offspring?

Yes . . . I cheated.  This photo was not “taken today” . . . but, as part of my rainy day play, I created 11 of these 12 Rockaway images today.  Is that okay?  Will my efforts hold sway?  Or will you condemn me for my Foul Play?   

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High Hopes June 1, 2012

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Pluto-HappyA few days ago, Kate wrote a post  about her canine companion and his audacity vis-à-vis a dog sled belonging to a team of pedigreed Huskies ~ Audacity: In Search Of Adventures.

Macauley’s audacity reminded me of a small male dachshund who visited one month when our female Great Dane, Sandy (a/k/a Alexandra of Nordane), was in heat.

I wandered around to her kennel and discovered the tiny pooch as he pondered the possibilities.

Wikipedia ~ Great Dane (in Public Domain)

The spry little guy intended to have his way with her.

Just as soon as he  figured out where we kept the step-ladder.

Not surprising, really.

Love is blind after all.

Especially for canines who rely on their sense of smell.

Sandy’s scents held him in rapt attention.

Perhaps the vertically-challenged pup  recalled Sandy as a puppy?

When she was all head and no tail.

Even then, the intended service call would have been a bit of a  s~t~r~e~t~c~h for a dog with no legs of which to speak.

Speaking of s~t~r~e~t~c~h . . . maybe our intrepid hound had mastered the  moniker, Weiner Dog?

Wikipedia ~ Dachshund (in Public Domain)

Or, maybe, he was able to leap tall bitches in a single bound?

Whatever the long or short of it ~ he had High Hopes.

The following month, we erected a sign outside Sandy’s kennel.

Like those at Amusement Parks, it set forth the height restriction for gentlemen callers responding to the call of the wild:

You must be THIS TALL to ride.

That did the trick.

Aah . . . that’s better!