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Tigger is Sick April 21, 2012

Posted by nrhatch in Animals, Health & Wellness.

Tigger has been lethargic for a week or so.

We took him to the Vet this morning.
His temperature was 104 degrees ~ way too high.

The Vet drew blood and collected a urine sample.
After sedating him via a gas mask.

Results are not good.

Tigger has a bladder/kidney infection. 
He needs to be on antibiotics.
We gave him his first dose when we got home. 
He spit most of it out.
The rest he vomited up a few minutes later.

The Vet said that ALL cats love the taste of this antibiotic.
Tigger disagrees . . . vehemently.

We just tried to dose him again . . .
No luck.
He ran and hid under the bed.

So that’s not going well. 

And . . . that’s not all.

His blood sugar level is way too high.
He’s hyper-glycemic and may be diabetic. 
We need to change his diet.
And cut out all his cat treats.

He is not going to be a happy kitty.

We take him back to the Vet on Wednesday.
If his blood sugar is still high, the Vet says he’ll need insulin shots.

Twice a day. 

And we’ll need to monitor his blood sugar.
By taking blood samples from his ear. 


I’m feeling overwhelmed by this news.
More like an Eeyore than a Tigger.

I’ll be back . . . later.