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Laughter . . . the BEST Medicine April 12, 2012

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Wikipedia ~ Paper Bag (in Public Domain)

Leaving the dentist office this afternoon, I saw a woman sitting on a bench by the door to the parking lot.

She held a cane and a brown paper bag.

I don’t know what was in the bag.  I didn’t ask.  That would have been nosy.

I paused, hand on the door, “Everything OK?  Is someone meeting you here?”

“No.  I’m just resting before walking out to my car.”

“Oh.  Do you need help?  I’ll wait and walk out with you if you like.  I’m in no rush.”

“Aren’t you sweet . . . ”

I grinned, “Well . . . I have my moments.”

Wikipedia ~ American Humor (in Public Domain)

With that admission, she laughed and grinned up at me, “Thanks.  I needed that!  I feel tons better.”

I started to push open the door, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

“So they say.”

“This time, they are right.  Laughter eases pain, improves our immune system, helps us sleep so our body can heal itself . . .”

I told her how Norman Cousins had defeated a fatal illness by laughing at the Marx Brothers.

Laughing for 10 minutes gave him 2 hours of pain free sleep at a time ~  sleep his body needed to heal itself.

He survived and lived to tell the tale in Anatomy of an Illness.

She listened with interest.  She learned something of value.  Now, she just needs to remember to laugh.

Tigger-Looking-At-His-TailSame goes for the rest of us . . .

Have you laughed today?

We do not laugh because we are happy.  We are happy because we laugh.

Aah . . . that’s better!

Where’s the ESC Key? April 12, 2012

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1: At about 100 m. reserve canopy suddenly unpacks and opens 2: Skydiver decides not to cut away the main canopy, because there is a risk the main will tangle with the reserve. Reserve canopy goes forward and strikes the main canopy. 3: Skydiver fights for main canopy. Main and reserve canopies assume biplane position (one of two possible positions when both canopies can work) Photograph by Dmitry A. Mottl

Memories erased
By a hard drive malfunction

A lifetime abased
Software keeps crumbling

Circuits and synapses fried
No longer firing

Fumbling thoughts

Mental acuity

And takes a nosedive






Where’s the Escape key?

* * * * *

Need a laugh?   The New Alphabet for Seniors (Passionate About Pets)

Illustration:  Wikipedia ~ Malfunction (Parachuting) (Creative Commons License)